The Mac is Back

Ugh, I'm cringing at the cheesiness of this post title. I just had to do it, though.

Wanna see something beautiful?

I know, I know. I'm deviating from my daily blog post simply because I HAVE A FUNCTIONAL LAPTOP AND I'M SO EXCITED.

Sorry about the all caps. I couldn't help it.

But seriously. I can delete things. It's so weird! And I can charge my baby MacMac without fear of starting a fire in the middle of my dorm room :)

AND I can take her out in public without having to worry about getting a misdemeanor offense for disturbance of the peace due to her growling, grinding fan. This baby is absolutely silent!

The best part?

Oh, yeah. Don't you worry. My parents have paid for this laptop 30x over with the insane tuition rates at Duke. Nothing here is ever actually "free."

But it sure is nice to think that it is :)