North Carolina Museum of Art

This past Saturday, I ventured to the North Carolina Museum of Art with my art history class. I intended on grabbing some coffee at Trinity Cafe before boarding the bus to Raleigh at 9:30AM, but apparently nothing on East Campus opens before noon on Saturdays. Rightfully so, seeing as how we were the ONLY students up so early (my life is so hard...), but still. Noon? Hmph.

Coffeeless, I trekked through the rain and met up with Kishan & Helen (yes, Helen made it to the bus in time!) and we were off.

We each have to write a paper on one of the American paintings in the museum this semester. Helen & I had already selected our piece, but the museum recently put all of the Aaron Douglas paintings back into storage, so Helen had to choose a different one.

The painting Helen wanted to analyze for her paper, but Professor Powell said it was "too abstract." Hmph.

The painting Helen ended up selecting for her analysis.

The painting I'm writing my analysis on this semester. Aren't these little Irish boys adorable?

Creeping on Kishan & the painting he selected. Someone please explain to me how Kishan gets to do a modern painting, but Helen & I are both stuck with the American collection?

Helen & I both agreed that the American collection was incredibly boring compared to the contemporary collection, so we quickly took some notes on our paintings & spent the rest of the time admiring the artwork we wished we were studying.

My favorite piece of the day: "The Calligrapher Replies I" by Tom Phillips. Oil on canvas.

Typography love

"People on Fire" by Guillermo Kuitca. Mixed media on canvas. Also a favorite of the day.

Me & Kishan :)

For this picture, Helen insisted we imitate the statue in the background. My response? "Oh, no. You're one of those people?" Regardless, I obliged. However, just a second before Kishan took the picture, she snapped back to normal. Hahaha, jerk. I was quick enough to not look exactly like the statue, but did not have enough time to avoid complete awkwardness :)

Overall, I really enjoyed the museum, especially the architecture & design of the exhibits (a five page paper on museum layouts during my freshman year greatly enhanced my appreciation of the effort that goes into exhibition installations). To top off the day, Trinity Cafe was opened by the time we arrived back to campus, and I enjoyed a nice white mocha. Win.