On A Boat

One of Zach's closest friends in the Marine Corps is named Baker. Well technically, his name is Bryan. But they all go by their last names, so that's how I've always referred to him as well. "Bryan" sounds funny. He's just "Baker."

Anyway, Baker & Zach were stationed together at Camp Geiger for seven months back in the day before Baker accepted orders to go to Japan for two years.

Baker, me, Zach, & Howard (who is currently is Bahrain for two years) at the Marine Corps Birthday Ball 2009

Baker always tells me if tomorrow is going to be a good day or not, since he's 13-14 hours ahead & it's already tomorrow where he is :)
He's one of the funniest people I've ever met & he's also just really down-to-earth with a great attitude about life.

Although Baker's permanent duty station is Okinawa, Japan for the next year (I can't believe he's already been gone for a year!), he's currently part of a MEU (Marine Expeditionary Unit) and is spending three months on a boat in the oceans around the Philippines & Thailand. And while I have not the slightest idea how to send mail to a boat in the middle of the ocean, he gave me his address and promised it would work. We'll see about that...

Haha, I thought it was funny. Zach did, too :)

And in case you're curious what an address to a boat in the middle of the ocean looks like, it's simply "CLB-31 Unit 38463 FPO AP 96604-8463." No big deal.

Keep your fingers crossed that this works.