Tar Heel Hatred: It's a Family Thing

Today, I spent the entire day with my cousin Shawn. Technically, our moms are cousins, which makes us second cousins (I think), but my family is super huge and super close, so first cousins are just like siblings and anyone else is a really close cousin. No lie.

Shawn is the coolest freshman at NC State, so all my wolfpack readers, if you see this kid on campus, you should probably be his best friend.

I drove to Raleigh yesterday morning and asked Shawn to give me a tour of the campus. We went to State during our junior year college tour trip in high school, but all I remember about that trip is almost setting a fake tree on fire in the middle of a mall, and then almost getting kicked out of the mall because we were throwing bouncy balls off the walls. And actually getting kicked out of Limited Too because these are my friends:


The only other thing I remember is absolutely hating State's campus because it was ugly and because I was in the worst mood of my life by the time we got there (we all were). Seriously, apart from the final six hours of the Washington, DC trip, college tours wins as worst class trip ever.

So, four years later and in a much better mood, Shawn showed me all of campus. I took one picture the entire time, but hey -- I made it count.

(Camp Bethel loves, this was on the door to the belltower. I needed someone to giggle with me & bust out with "and sow the seeds of peace!")

And as I suspected, I didn't hate the campus anymore :) I mean, it's not exactly pretty. Especially when I'm spoiled with Duke's gothic architecture and gorgeous stonework and bajillions of acres of forests and gardens. But I liked it.

**If I don't stop here, this will quickly turn into a post of how I should have gone to State's College of Design for free instead of dropping $100K at Duke (where there is not a design program at all), and from there it will probably spiral into the dozens of transfer applications I've filled out over the past two and a half years in my state of absolute misery but never actually sent off. Then I might mention how strange it was when I saw a group of three white guys, all six feet tall, wearing a t-shirt and jeans on State's campus yesterday. And then how strange it was to realize that's not strange at all, it's just strange to me because I haven't seen it in three years. And how weird it was to eat lunch in the cafeteria on a Saturday and see people just eating and not pouring over textbooks and articles. And how although I've made the Dean's List before at Duke, I'd make it a lot more often if the cutoff was a 3.25 instead of a 3.75. I'd also probably mention how 90% of State students are North Carolinians, as opposed to our 15%, meaning the majority of people here have not been raised "yes ma'am, no sir" and THINK THEY'RE ENTITLED TO EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD just because they're Duke students. But like I said, I don't want to get into all that, so I'll stop now.**

I took Shawn back to Duke with me, and he got to experience the "I-totally-don't-fit-in-here" feeling that I've lived with for three years. We went to the gardens (one of Shawn's friends is interning at the Duke Gardens this summer. Did you know you could also get horticulture internships at the Biltmore House? and EPCOT? So cool!) We did the typical Duke Chapel and Cameron Indoor Stadium thing. I also took him to our chemistry building, since he's in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences at State and since our chem lab is pretty sweet seeing as how Bill Gate's wife donated $115 million for it to be built within the past five years. But, there were over 150 aKDPhis (an Asian sorority) practicing a dance/step routing in the lobby, so we left.

Such is life.

We did the typical Summit Church & Bojangles routine, which I've grown to love so dearly. Slash, if any fellow Summit'ers heard Clayton King speak this weekend, let it be known that I was absolutely dyinggg when he told that story at the end about the Marines. So. True. Oh, so so true. I'm beyond grateful that someone in the audience clearly was a Marine and let out a good ol' "oorah!" because if he hadn't, I'm afraid I would have. I could feel it coming up (like word vomit--Mean Girls) and then Zach would have completely disowned me when I told him about it :)

Shawn and I are planning to have another cousin day in a couple of months when the gardens are actually blooming, and I'm really looking forward to it! He had me laughing the entire day---I love how he speaks exactly what's on his mind :)

And now? I'm heading to Winston because my baby sister is turning sixteen. Is this real life? I can't wait to see everyone, especially since Grandpa is home & coming to the party!