Fair Winds and Following Seas

I spent all day yesterday waiting for Zach to get off work so we could go to Hipp's going-away party.

Hipp (Adam) has been with Zach since Day 1 of their time in the Marine Corps. They graduated from boot camp together, went to Marine Combat Training together, graduated from MOS school up in Maryland together, and ended up working at the School of Infantry-East for over a year together. Hipp took orders this past fall to another unit & is deploying to Afghanistan later this month, so everyone went to Fast Freddy's last night for wings & pool :)

Hipp with the gingers

All the boys

Unlike Oliveras (who is deploying later this month on a MEU to Libya) and Zach & Hipp (who are deploying this year to Afghanistan), Sousa isn't going anywhere for a while. Single lady blog readers, feel free to get attached.

Although Hipp and Zach won't be in the same part of Afghanistan, I still like knowing that Hipp will be over there when Zach arrives. We'll miss you, buddy. Have fun, be safe, & come home soon :)