Never Say Never

It's officially spring break, which means home...

...and my lazy kitty...

...and my childhood love, Bugs Bunny (I now realize he looks nothing like the Looney Tunes character. I named him when I was three. Give me a break)

...and the quilt I made when my grandma taught me how to sew at age seven.

Oh yeah. Check out those awesome skills :)

Being home also means not having a strong enough internet connection to upload pictures, hence the lack of posting in the past few days.

Do not worry. My spring break has been nothing short of fabulous thus far. I met up with Amy on Saturday night to see Never Say Never: Director's Fan Cut in theaters.

We have a tradition of watching embarrassingly awful movies together: From Justin to Kelly, My Super Sweet Sixteen, A Cinderella Story, Bratz: The Movie... you get the picture :) When I saw the trailer for the Justin Bieber movie, I knew we had to add it to our list.

I had to wait three weeks for Amy to get home from Kenya, but it was definitely worth it. So. So. Good. Even better than I imagined. My cheeks literally hurt at the end of the movie from laughing so hard at all the crying thirteen year old girls.

And now? I'm in Jacksonville! (North Carolina, not Florida. That gets people every time). Zach came back from phase 1 of his pre-deployment training yesterday and we got to have dinner together for the first time in a month. But, of course, he still has to work today, so I'm sitting around eating cookie dough. A pretty good start to spring break if you ask me :)