German Star Wars

I suppose I have no other choice than to start this post by admitting that I have the WORST sense of direction of anyone. Ever. I get lost on a daily basis. Seriously, DAILY. In Durham. In Winston. In Roanoke. And apparently, on my way to Bridgewater. Who knew that US 29N & 460E split and become two separate highways after only two miles? I'll let you guess which one I ended up on...

And that's all we're gonna say about that.

Despite the fact that my four hour journey turned into six, I did make it to Bridgewater to be greeted by an overwhelming amount of people, shrieks, hugs, and... chairs hanging in trees.

True life. Welcome to Bridgewater :)

Although it may have been a less-than-ideal road trip, sweet Hannah made sure everything about my time at Bridgewater was absolutely perfect :) I stayed with Hannah and her adorable roommate Jordan in their cute little room in their precious little house. Sorry for the overuse of cheesy, simplistic adjectives, but that's what tends to happen when I'm just beyond happy and in love with life. And trust me... this weekend, I was beyond happy and in love with life :)

I had a wonderful time hanging out with my Brethren camp friends, as well as meeting some pretty awesome (although slightly creepy) new ones :)

Despite my later than planned arrival on Thursday night, the gang took me out to Dairy Queen where we did what all good camp counselors do: talk about our campers, obviously. I felt a little bit like a mother talking nonstop about her babies on a "Mom's Night Out," except we're all college-aged and have no biological children. Between us, though, we literally have hundreds of camp kids, and they all have a place in our heart, even the ones that throw tantrums and climb on top of refrigerators and poop under the bed. I'm not kidding.

And don't worry. We didn't ONLY talk about our campers. We also talked about Star Wars :)

I went over to Tina's apartment for a little bit on Friday afternoon before she had to leave for choir tour. Although I was sad she had to leave early, I absolutely loved receiving a text a little bit after she left that said _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. Yep, we played text message hangman while she was on the bus to Roanoke. I'm telling you: best boredom/time killer ever. To make it even better, play with Tina, who doesn't keep track of the little hangman, but simply compliments you every time you get it wrong. Hearing "you have a nice smile" and "your hair is like sunshine" somehow makes the fact that you've incorrectly guessed twelve letters in a row so much better.

When Katie got out of class on Friday afternoon, we went to the Farmers' Market, where everyone insisted that I try one of the giant pretzels because they are "the best tasting thing in the entire world!" I split one with Hannah, & they were quite delicious indeed :)

Dear Hannah, thank you for being the best host ever! I love you :)

And dear Bridgewater, I love all of you as well (fact: pretty sure the Bridgewater population comprises my number one blog fan group). I love you, and your chairs in trees, and the confusion of having two Tylers in the same house, and your closet oreo-eating, and your coyotes in freezers, and your German Princess Leia. And I love how you're laughing right now because you understand all of that, although nobody else does.

But mostly, I just love you. Forever :)