Wasabi and Froyo

Last night, William and Joseph met me in Cary for my weekly trip to Domo! Can we please just take a moment to observe that Joseph is wearing his Magill's t-shirt from our Washington, DC trip in 2006?

We constantly find ourselves amazed at the fact that we're no longer fourteen year olds playing basketball in the old gym after school. (Fact: the boys played basketball; I just played on William's cell phone because he was one of the only people I knew that had one "back in the day.")

And now? Now we're growing up and having legitimate conversations about graduate schools & future careers, getting engaged & where we want to live. None of us really know when it happened---this whole growing up thing. It's a little weird and somewhat daunting, but it's good. So good.

And just when things start to get too overwhelming and serious, there's still a little bit of high school in all of us that finds it hysterical to dare William to eat an entire chunk of wasabi.

Gotta love it.

A guy in his late twenties came into Domo about a month or so ago and tried to hit it off with Kacey. He's international and owns a "gourmet frozen yogurt shop" across the street. Unfortunately for him, his charming efforts did not woo my pretty KaceKace, but we did end up getting all-you-can-eat frozen yogurt for free out of the deal!

I don't get the whole frozen yogurt craze. At all. I just don't. I don't understand how you can substitute non-fat milk for cream and all of a sudden, you have a dessert that is far more classy and sophisticated than its ice cream counterpart. Because that's all it is. There are still sugars and syrups and additives in frozen yogurt... just non-fat milk instead of cream. It's like ordering a diet Coke with your Big Mac. I mean, if that's what helps you sleep at night, then go for it. But as for me, I'll take my ice cream, calories and all. Go big or go home. Ice cream doesn't go around masquerading like it's some "healthy" dessert. It doesn't try to pretend like it's part of some elite social group. It doesn't have a trendy little nickname for itself. Ice cream is just like, "Hey, I'm fattening and sugary and sweet. End of story. I might not be as gourmet as my pal Froyo, and I'm totally okay with that." I like a guy with confidence in who he is. Frozen yogurt is clearly still stuck in his "I wanna be popular and fit in" middle school phase.

All of that goes to say that I obviously refuse to buy frozen yogurt out of principle. But I'm not one to turn down anything that's free :) Joseph, William, & I got the largest container possible, filled it up with cake batter frozen yogurt, and then did our very best to "de-froyo" it by smothering the entire thing with chocolate chips, Reese's pieces, Snickers, Heath bar, Butterfinger, graham cracker crumbs, chocolate syrup, and goodness knows a billion other toppings that I can't remember.

Pshh, frozen yogurt wishes it was as awesome as ice cream.

Let it be known that we ate until we could eat no more & we still didn't finish the entire thing. Before we left, William summed it up nicely with a "if I actually had to pay for this, I'd go to Cold Stone."

I rest my case.