You Would Give Me Kiss If I Were On Soccer Team

For the record, if Calvary had a soccer game in Durham yesterday, I guarantee you I would have gotten lost fifteen times trying to find the field. But... their game was in Cary. It just so happens that I go to Cary every Monday night to visit Kacey AND it just so happens that the soccer field was on the same road as Domo Sushi. I did not get lost once :)

Meant to be? I think yes.

[click to enlarge]

Mama & I snuggled the entire time for warmth. Will someone please explain to me why it starts snowing in North Carolina as my boyfriend is aboard an airplane headed for Twentynine Palms (where it's supposed to be 90 degrees by the end of the week)? So. Not. Fair.

Penalty Kick

Final. They tied: 1-1.

After the game, Mr. Stubblefield told me that he still thinks of me every time they use colored pencils in AP Human Geography. As he should... definitely the best way to learn :)

I tried convincing mom & Corrie to come get sushi with me, but no such luck. We settled for Subway (I still went to Domo & visited Kacey afterwards...) :)

Potentially the most awkward-looking picture ever. Corrie's the one in soccer socks & flipflops, obviously, although it kinda looks like they belong to me.

On a completely separate note, LDOC (Last Day of Classes) is officially less than a month away. To quote my dearest Laura Sciarrino, I have "just a casual fifty thousand things to do" before then. No big deal.

Um, big deal.

OH, and ps: approximately 99.37% of the questions I've received for my Q&A post have been inside jokes from my not-so-anonymous friends ("How do you abbreviate source?" Really, Kacey...?) No worries, I'll still answer them. But help a girl out & give me something to work with. If for no other reason than the fact that I spent a really long time drawing that little arrow to take you to the formspring page.

Right... :)