Q&A: March

I signed into my formspring account yesterday & was shocked at how many questions were in the inbox! There's no way I could answer them all in one mega post without wasting an hour or more of your precious life, so I simply randomnumber.org'ed them (why yes, I did just make that a verb...) and picked ten. I've decided I'm going to do this at the end of every month since the response was so overwhelming.

As promised, the end of the month Q&A session:

Sleep for a month straight. Never step foot in a library again until I have children. Perhaps never step foot in a library again period & simply send my children to the library with grandma. Laugh every time the Duke Annual Fund calls asking me to donate money. Burn every art history text book I own.

I feel like none of those responses were really what the question asker intended, but it's currently what I plan to do after Duke. That is... if I ever make it to life after Duke. 409 more longgg days (I realize that's actually not that far off at all). I suppose I'll figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life from there. Trust me, I'm a planner. We all know I've actually had my entire life figured out since I was in elementary school---all the way down to my future dog (a West Highland Terrier named Coconut) and my engagement (on the balcony of my loft apartment in New York City overlooking the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade at age 25). If the dog breed & name sounds vaguely familiar, it's because Coconut the West Highland Terrier is the official dog of the American Girl Doll. But me and my eight year old self came up with that fairy tale proposal story on our own :)

It's nice to have a plan, but I've learned throughout the years that nothing ever goes according to plan & I'm pretty content to just wait and see what happens. I do know for a fact that the following is true:

(Don't lie. That was easily the best 45 seconds of your day. I'll wait as you watch it again. Especially from 0:18-0:22. Watch that a good three times.)

So yeah, life plans. My daddy is so proud right now.

Probably because I have so many friends at Bridgewater who flooded my inbox with billions of questions just like this one...

This question came with the following addendum: "Jumanji being the obvious & disallowed answer." Being the sheltered child that I am, I looked up Jumanji because I was fairly certain it had something to do with the devil and witchcraft. Apparently, it's a children's book-turned-movie that won the Caldecott Medal & is just about two kids and a jungle adventure board game that comes to life in their living room with like, monkeys and lions and stuff. (I'm beginning to see where my conservative Christian school may have been a bit extreme in some areas...)

I'm going to answer Candyland on this one, for obvious reasons, but I'm curious to hear what others think.

At the risk of being relentlessly mocked, I'm going to have to go with One Tree Hill. For what it's worth, NCIS falls very, very closely behind for second. I even drew a picture of Abby in my New Year's Weekend recap. Legit. But as far as what show I watch online every single week despite the fact that it probably should have been off the air years ago... yeah. One Tree Hill.

I've spent ten minutes looking for the question within that statement and have yet to find it... :)

My initial response would be "child of God," but I suppose that's a title as well? Regardless, it's who I am, and it's who God says I am. I am far from perfect, but I am made in His image. I am loved & I am forgiven, and everything else is just little details.

Because I obviously don't know how to get to Bridgewater, and that would make for some miserable journeys from home to school.

Dear non-Bridgewater population, you'd better step it up next time if you want answers to legitimate questions. Do you see what they give me to work with?

And dear Bridgewater population, I promise you that Tina said "German" before Katie said "Princess Leia."

Then again, it's not like the non-Bridgewater population really gives me anything better to work with :)

THANK YOU, anonymous question asker, for giving me yet another occasion to post pictures of JB:

Wait, you mean that kid on the left isn't Justin Bieber?

. . .

. . .

. . .

Oh, yeah. It's Zach's brother.
Who just happens to be turning 17 tomorrow!

And who also was not a big fan the one time I suggested that J.Bieber was his celebrity look-a-like.
My bad.

(That picture is still on my computer from when he was 14. No worries. He looks 17 now.)

I'm going to assume that he is off being a seventeen year old varsity baseball player who is way too cool for my little blog, so as long as none of you tell him that I referenced him under the Justin Bieber section, he'll probably never know.

And just in case that doesn't work...

I'll answer the "how much do you love Justin Bieber" question with "not as much as I love Gabe Jones." Is that acceptable? :) Haha, happy birthday, Gabe!

Whew, I survived the first Q&A session and it was only semi-disastrous :) I've gotten all fancy and figured out how to embed the question box in the post instead of taking one whole extra step to click on a link to a separate page, so now there's really no excuse for not submitting your questions. And by questions, I don't mean questions that only you will understand the answer to. Or statements with no question in them whatsoever :) But I suppose I'll work with whatever.

And if I didn't answer your question this time, no worries. It's already in the queue for next time :)

Happy 1/4 of the way through 2011 (what??). Yeah.