Here Comes The Sun

Do you know what my favorite part of the day is? It's definitely way later in the afternoon, when the sun comes pouring in my west-facing dorm room window...

...and its bright, shining rays fill every corner of my little room up with light.

And then, just before it dips over the horizon behind Whole Foods and Mad Hatter's Cafe, it colors the whole world with the most vibrant, saturated hues of yellows and oranges and golds.

Day after day, I watch this mini-light show spectacular from my desk. I never get tired of it. I never get any work done during those twenty minutes either---I don't even try any more. The sun begs me to give it all of my attention, so I watch it show off. I watch the shadows of tree branches dance on my wall and I watch the colors ripple across the sky until dusk sets in and the vibrance fades.

Goodness, I love it. I definitely got my artistic skills from my Daddy, because He sure does know how to paint a sunset :)

As far as other things I'm loving this week... how about the fact that my Simply B Etsy shop has exploded in my dorm room?

And the fact that I completely sold out of my first eight "LOVE Typography" prints within less than 48 hours of posting them.

AND the fact that I've created eight more prints & they are currently for sale (in addition to the remaining eight of eighteen "Peacefully Simply Together" prints).

Seriously, I am so humbled by the overwhelming response and encouraging comments I've received this week regarding my artwork. I'm so blessed to have such a wonderful, loving support system!

Also this week... I received my application for graduation with distinction!

It's beyond overwhelming, actually, since it never even crossed my mind that I may be eligible until this year. After barely surviving my first year at Duke, I simply wanted to graduate... let alone graduate with distinction. Wow.

Better yet, I already know exactly what I want to do for my distinction project (that never happens!) and am currently working with three different professors in the art/visual studies department to get everything squared away to spend my fall 2011 semester working on my distinction project which will feed into my senior capstone project during spring 2012. Whew!

Also in the world of exciting news, my cousin is officially a teenager today. My sisters & I had already had cousins when we were born that were older than us, but Robert was our first "new cousin."

He was born after our bed time, but Katherine, Corrie, & I (we all shared a room at the time) couldn't sleep because we were SO excited. (I seriously remember this like it was yesterday). We heard the phone ring, and a few minutes later, mom came upstairs to tell us that Robert was here! We didn't even get in trouble for still being awake ;) The next day, we got up super early and went to the hospital to see him before going to school. And now... he's thirteen years old. Crazy.

Last on my "things I'm loving this week" list: the Chapel at night. It's so pretty---the way they have it lit up & all. These are just dinky cell phone pictures---they don't even begin to capture how gorgeous it is.

It almost makes the billions of trips to Perkins Library to work on marketing projects worth it. Almost.