Wall of Fame

Look at all these awesome people I know (and some I even don't know... yeah, anonymous blog readers!) who kicked off their shoes yesterday to raise awareness for One Day Without Shoes.

In just those pictures alone, there is representation from multiple colleges/cities/states all over the country. It's really neat to be a part of something so global.

Yesterday was really neat in general. Incredibly bizarre, but neat.

Before I went to bed on Monday night, I wanted to go ahead & change my profile picture for One Day Without Shoes. I had planned to just use whatever default TOMS had on their page, but alas, TOMS is based on the west coast, so their default still said "tomorrow" instead of "today."

No worries. I used their basic image, changed "tomorrow" to "today," and put in my own picture without shoes at the art studio. Problem solved. Default changed. Good night.

Imagine my surprise when I woke up and the picture was the official default for the event.

Oh, heyy 5,791 people who just saw the one part of my body that I don't overly like. (I'm just not a huge fan of feet in general. You'd think that would make being Brethren a bit difficult, but I'm able to suck it up for Lovefeast).

I had originally wanted to use the event's picture as my default, and instead whoever created the event used my picture as their default. Because apparently my life is just that awesome. No big deal.

That was Incredibly Bizarre But Neat Happening #1 of the day. Incredibly Bizarre But Neat Happening #2 occurred shortly thereafter. You can upload your photos from One Day Without Shoes onto TOMS' page. It's just like the collage of pictures from the beginning of this post, except there are literally thousands of pictures. I posted the picture that Zach sent me from Mojave Viper yesterday.

Before I knew it, there were over 60 people who had liked it or commented on it, saying that it was their favorite picture & thanking Zach for his service. I suppose it's not incredibly bizarre. But it is strange. That doesn't really happen a lot---the whole appreciation thing. And then all of a sudden there are dozens of individuals from all over the country that we don't even know who are acknowledging him and all the sacrifices he makes? I'd say that counts as bizarre. But neat. So, so neat :)

As far as Incredibly Bizarre But Neat Happening #3 of the day goes, I was contacted by an individual at a university that does a lot of research & development projects for TOMS. They're currently designing a software that essentially determines the exact shape and structure of your foot in order to make better custom-fit shoes. They thanked me for supporting and contributing to a great cause, and then asked if I would be willing to receive a free pair of TOMS and provide some feedback as part of their product testing.

Um, yes?

I'll let you know how that goes. No worries, I made them show me like, five different forms of verification to make sure it wasn't a scam (you can never be too careful...) and checked it all out. Legit. Plus, even if it's not, the only thing they know about me is my shoe size (7.5, now you know too).

I'm pretty sure all of that qualifies as an incredibly bizarre but neat day :) I still have no intentions of ever being a foot model, but it was fun while it lasted! Thanks for participating in One Day Without Shoes.