LDOC 2011

Guess what today is?

Here's a hint:

(In case you're concerned, I had help. I don't actually have four arms, as useful as that may be...)

Oh, heyy, good guess :) It's LDOC (pronounced EL-dock) --- also known as the Last Day of Classes! Other colleges & universities may have LDOCs, but let's be serious... Duke perfected LDOC and everyone knows it.

Here's a little LDOC blast from the past:

Freshman year: LDOC 2009

Ok, these were actually taken late at night after LDOC ended, obviously. Such an eventful LDOC, though. Alison & Megan met up with Kevin, called Casey, and it only took them another year and a half to start dating :o)

Sophomore year: LDOC 2010

(Look at how much my hair has grown!)

Casey still laughs at me when we relive the Jay Sean concert (needless to say, I don't react well when guys I've never met before in my life come up behind me & start trying to put their hands on my waist and dance with me. And by "with me," I mean "on me." Yuck. No thanks.) Despite that, we had a blast :) PLUS, I hated the LDOC 2009 t-shirt design so much that I submitted one for LDOC 2010... and ended up winning!
And now... it's time for LDOC 2011!

(Is it sad that I secretly [not-so-secretly] wish that Ludacris would bring Justin Bieber along tonight so they could perform "Baby" together? I'm not really a huge Luda fan, but that would definitely make everything worth it.)

(Sorry, LDOC committee. My wrists are smaller than the average toddler [fact] so it slips off easily, but I promise I'll put it back on before heading over to West.)

Speaking of heading over to West, I'm on my way now! And although my camera only has days left to live (baby is in sad shape), I promise to capture a few memories to share tomorrow :)

In the meantime, it's almost the end of the month again (insane!) I'll be accepting questions for my end of the month Q&A until Friday, so feel free to ask away :) You can see questions that have already been answered here.