An Ostrich Went Yodeling

Throughout the years, one of my favorite camp songs has been the "Austrian Went Yodeling" song.

However, like all great campers, I always thought we were singing the "Ostrich Went Yodeling" song. (Give me some credit---the words sound a lot alike when you're in the first grade.) I also sang "it erupted his cry" instead of "interrupted his cry." Does that make any sense whatsoever? No. But when you're singing about an ostrich, you don't really question things.

With that being said, I'm pretty sure I didn't learn the correct lyrics until I was about fifteen. And by then, it was too late. I was in love with that ostrich.

See, now you're in love with the ostrich, too. He's adorable. And he tries to sing his little ostrich heart out on a mountain so high, but everything keep erupting, err...
interrupting him.

*I had no intentions of posting a video of the song, simply because there are a billion versions of it & I knew there was no way I was going to find a Camp Bethel version (specifically: avalanche, grizzly bear, Saint Bernard, Jersey cow, pretty maid, counselor, & preacher... with the occasional screaming viking & unicorn thrown in). However, there were actual tears rolling down my face from laughing so hard at the following clip that I had to include it for all my Camp Bethel loves.*

But seriously... where did that come from?

When I think back to my days as an elementary camper singing about an ostrich, I can specifically picture a girl named Katherine Moye singing next to me. I met Katherine at camp when we were ten, and although those were the days before emailing and cell phones (we sound so old!), we stayed in touch throughout the year with letters. Yes, actual letters. We wrote dozens of them, back & forth, until summer came around again & we got to spend another week together at our favorite place in the world.

Katherine is one of the many people in this world who loves camp as much as I do, and I wouldn't be surprised if her precious daughter, Olivia, ended up being a...

Which is why I made the following & sent it to Maryland for Olivia's 1st birthday last week :)

I currently have enough supplies to make two more (size: 12 months) & will post them on my Etsy if anyone is interested (there are a lot of Camp-Bethel-loving families with babies in the Virlina District, no?)


In completely unrelated news, a lady at church on Sunday asked me how much longer I have until I'm done with this semester. I told her that I have a little over three weeks left of classes & then exams.


I don't know what I was thinking, but hours later it hit me that I just have a little over TWO weeks left of classes & then exams. LDOC (Last Day of Classes) is two weeks from tomorrow! My last exam is May 4, so I'm completely done with my junior year of college three weeks from tomorrow.

Another lady asked me if the work was winding down since it was nearing the end of the semester. If anyone goes to a college where that's the case, please let me know & I'd love to transfer. That's certainly not how it works here. I'm pretty sure I have just as many projects/papers/presentations/exams in the next three weeks as I've had in the past fifteen weeks.

Things are about to get crazy.