Simply B Meets TOMS

Since yesterday's "Simply B Meets Etsy" post was such a resounding success (I seriously can't thank y'all enough!), I figured I'd continue the trend for the week with a "Simply B Meets TOMS" post.

Today is One Day Without Shoes---a worldwide event held annually by TOMS. TOMS is a shoe company based in California that operates under the "One-for-One" business model---for every pair of shoes they sell, they give a pair to a child in need.

On One Day Without Shoes, TOMS asks everyone to do just that---go one day without shoes. Experience a glimpse of what children in many countries face every day.

(ps. Dear Kacey, I seriously considered using this picture from our high school graduation party when I was making my little pretty.)

True... walking barefoot around campus isn't going to solve all of the world's problems. But it might provoke some questions. Spark some conversations. Make people think. And ultimately, raise awareness, which is what One Day Without Shoes is all about.

I was in the art studio (shocker, I know) at midnight when One Day Without Shoes officially began, so I kicked off my shoes right then and there among the 3-inch thick layer of paints that coat the floor.

And NOW, I wanna see your pictures! Seriously. You don't have to walk around barefoot all day; I know people have jobs & classes, and our 21st century American lifestyles aren't overly conducive to going without shoes. But it's pretty simple to take a barefoot picture. (My camera isn't even functional at the moment---that is a photobooth pic in all its glory. Cell phone pics work too). Imagine what the world would be like if there were less people who simply read about things like this & more people who actually did something about them, even if that something was as basic as taking a picture. It might "just" be a picture. But it's a spark. A spark in curiosity, which might just spark a conversation, which might just spark some action, which might just bring about change :)

So again I ask, why not go barefoot for a few minutes and take a picture? By yourself, with your roommates, with your kids. (Even with your dog---they definitely counts as barefoot, right?) Indoors. Outdoors. Splashing in a puddle. Get creative! You can upload your pics on (it's super easy---you don't need an account. Just click "choose file" and "upload now.") After your image is uploaded, copy the link in the "direct link for layouts" box & comment on this post for everyone to see. I'll even showcase all of your masterpieces tomorrow!

Things like this are obviously more fun if everyone participates. But no worries, I understand it's way easier to read things like this & never give it another thought. As for me, however, I'm all about sparking some conversation :)