Spring Cleaning

It's finally starting to feel like springgg! Okay, it's technically felt like spring for a while. But Mr. Winter is a jerk and refuses to leave completely. He keeps popping back in for a day or two just when I think I'm completely rid of him. But it's supposed to be sunny & in the 70s/80s all week, so I'm hoping (fingers crossed) that winter has gone away for good this time.

I spent the entire afternoon working with my marketing group on our final project (we present this Tuesday... I'll be SO glad when all of this is over with!) We started out working in the library, but ended up moving to the Duke Gardens... and it was definitely springtime there.

(my camera isn't working these days... enjoy the high quality cell phone pic)

I'm actually a little upset that my camera isn't working, because the garden was gorgeous! There are a billion tulips, which is Duke-ese (Duke-ish? Duke-ian?) for "graduation is less than a month away and we have to make the campus look breathtaking for the thousands of family members that will soon be arriving." Every year, I watch this campus transformation, and it's crazy to think that next year, all of those tulips will mean "graduation is less than a month away and we have to make everything look breathtaking for the thousands of BETH'S family members that will soon be arriving." (Okay, my family isn't that big. We'll go with hundreds.)


Since I'm in full-fledged springtime mode, I did a little bit of spring cleaning around the blog as well---changed the background & buttons and added some more stuff to the "About Me" and "Deployment" pages. Here's a glimpse at everything...

...but you should click on the links above & check it out for yourself! I'm always adding stuff to my Pinterest & accepting questions on my Formspring as well.

I also thought it'd be neat to share my little viewer map. April is barely halfway over, but my baby blog has really taken off this month!

These are just the cities that have been checking out my blog this month, so there's only one pin for places like Winston & Raleigh & Bridgewater, although I'm fairly certain I have more than one reader there. Insane. I have no idea how people are finding it, because I most certainly don't know that many individuals across America. But dearest silent stalker-readers, you are not alone :) Keep on creepin' on.

Or, if you're feeling especially brave, feel free to leave a comment & give a shout out to your city. I mean, I think I do a pretty good job of representing Durham with pride... and that, my friends, is hard to do.