Adventures with Flat Stanley

I didn't mean to make everyone cry with yesterday's post, promise! If it's any consolation, I teared up a little from reading all of your sweet comments. Seriously. I wish you could see the overwhelming amount of phone calls, texts, wall posts, inbox messages, etc., from family and friends and people I've never even met! Individuals promising to pray for Zach, wanting to send him letters and packages, checking in with me & letting me know that they're always here. Goodness, one of our friends already has 30 drawings from her class of four & five year olds ready to send to Afghanistan! The outpouring of love & thoughtfulness & acts of kindness always surpasses anything I could ever imagine, and I am so blessed to belong to such a supportive, Christian community. So... thank you for being a part of that!

In other news, I've had two visitors staying with me over the past week or so. They're pretty quiet, well-behaved, great listeners. Neither one has caused too much trouble during their time here, although they do seem to turn heads when I bring them out in public.

Blog readers, meet a couple of my Flat Stanley friends from Mrs. Barnes' Kindergarten class in Roanoke, Virginia!

Aren't they adorable?! Children are so precious.

If you're unaware of the Flat Stanley project, it's based on a children's book where a little boy named Stanley gets flattened (thus becoming "Flat Stanley") & is able to mail himself to California. A lot of younger elementary school children now make their own Flat Stanleys, mail them to family & friends all over the country, and as a result, learn all kinds of neat things about other parts of the world.

These Flat Stanleys came with the following note:
Dear Beth,
My name is _____. I live in Roanoke, Virginia. Where do you live?
Thank you for taking my Flat Stanley on an adventure.
Love, ______

By all means, if these Kindergarteners wanted me to take their Flat Stanley on an adventure, then I most certainly was not about to disappoint! Exactly what kind of adventures are possible in Winston-Salem, North Carolina?

Well, my hometown's one and only claim to fame is that we are the home of Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

So naturally, I took the Flat Stanleys on an adventure to Krispy Kreme!

And what an adventure we had! When we arrived, the "hot" light was on outside, which meant that batches of doughnuts were currently being made & were fresh off the conveyor belt. I love that hot light. It's basically a town law that you have to pull into Krispy Kreme if the hot light is on, even if you originally had no intentions of getting doughnuts.

The Flat Stanleys got to watch the original glazed doughnuts being made.

They also picked up a couple of famous Krispy Kreme hats. However, the hats were slightly too big for their heads, so they decided to send them to the Kindergarteners in Roanoke.

After attracting a lot of attention from both staff and customers, they bought a dozen assorted doughnuts.

And let's just say... the Flat Stanleys aren't so flat any more!

Amelia, the Flat Stanleys are currently on their way back to Roanoke, accompanied by a letter, pictures, and a couple of Krispy Kreme hat souvenirs :) I hope your Kindergarteners enjoy all the excitement that is Winston-Salem!