Dear Hallmark...

Dear Hallmark,

I would like to remind you that I attempted applying for a creative design internship with your company this summer. I put together my resumé, cover letter, and portfolio specifically for you. However, when I went to your site to upload my application, there was a problem with your server and nothing would load.

I tried multiple times over the course of a week and finally emailed your customer service department, explaining the error message I was receiving and asking if there was another place I could send my application. In response, I received a standard form email, clearly automatically-generated, thanking me for my interest in the college internship program. Attached was a link to submit my application---the exact same link I informed you was not working in the first place. It still wasn't working. Go figure.

Anyway, no hard feelings when I open my own design studio one day, okay? I tried playing nicely.

tutorial on how to make the paper flowers on Laura's blog

my sweet Bridgewater College graduates :)

the Marine Corps motto: Semper Fidelis (always faithful). Wouldn't you know that it is way past time for me to purchase a new blade for my x-acto knife, so I had to cut the entire thing out with scissors!

For more card designs, check out some of my collection at

I suppose God knew what He was doing after all, because if the customer service department at Hallmark had actually READ my email and helped me submit my application and I had gotten the job, I would currently be on my way to Kansas City, Missouri instead of Fincastle, Virginia. And I have no doubts that I'm supposed to be spending my summer in Fincastle, Virginia.

Speaking of which, this post is actually my shameless plug to receive snail mail this summer ;) I'm leaving TODAY to spend nearly 12 weeks at Camp Bethel as the Summer Program Coordinator, and I couldn't be more excited! I will have internet access, but it will be incredibly limited, so snail mail is the way to go! (The address is also posted on my "Contact Me" page).

Beth Haynes
c/o Camp Bethel
328 Bethel Road
Fincastle, VA 24090

If you write me, you might just receive your very own pretty card designed by me :) I'm just sayin'...