Girls Who Sit Without Feet On The Floor...

I'm convinced that everyone needs a Sarah in their life.

I had the joy of working with this particular Sarah on the Pilgrimage team this past year. Just when I've almost given up after 42 consecutive treks across campus only to discover that my PO box is empty, I find the most wonderful card that makes life so much better :)

Isn't it the cutest? (PS. I already knew that Sarah was an incredible writer & can put together a Powerpoint like nobody's business. Now she can DRAW...? Um, hello!) Anyway, that's exactly how I sit all the time! There are so many days where I find myself sitting with my feet up in the chair during a class lecture, and I have to remind myself that I'm in college and my feet have to go on the floor. Sarah doesn't sit with her feet on the floor either, but mostly it's because her feet can't touch the floor when she tries ;)

After discovering the card, the scenario plays out something like this:
  • I'm ecstatic to get mail, partially because I love Sarah & I love mail, and partially because my PO box isn't located somewhere I go every day. I have to make a special trip to check my mail. And there's nothing worse than finally getting up the motivation to walk to the other side of campus for the sole purpose of checking your mailbox only to discover that you have none.
  • I read the card & rush back to my room to let Sarah know how much I loved it! I always try to write a letter back right away, but sometimes life makes me wait a week or so, in which case, I still want her to know that I got the letter so she's not left wondering.
  • I log onto Facebook and naturally become distracted by all of Sarah's posts & links & statuses. I clearly haven't stalked her in a few days. [Note to self: FB stalk Sarah more often...]
  • Life goes on. The joys of cute cards are eventually overshadowed by emails reminding me that I "only have 385 days to get a headstart on my career" and all of the other things life does to try to make me feel like the biggest disappointment/failure ever. Life's really good at that, you know?
  • I'm about three seconds away from having my 819th meltdown of the semester when I remember a link I saw on Sarah's Facebook page last week. I go back & do some more stalking (love you, Sarah!) and find a clip of the song "Beautiful" by MercyMe.

Days will come when you don't have the strength,
when all you hear is you're not worth anything...

(Let's just call those days "all of my junior year," shall we?)

You were meant for so much more than all of this...

Thank. Goodness. Thank goodness that junior year is OVER. Thank goodness that I'm finally a senior. Thank goodness that my Heavenly Father thinks I'm "treasured" & "sacred" and considers me His, no matter how many times I fail or how rough my year seems to be.

(such an encouraging song---you really should listen to it!)

And thank goodness that Sarah is in my life to tell me that she loves my blog when other people tell me it's stupid.... and to be such a wonderful blessing & influence without even realizing it... and to make my trek across campus to the post office worth it :)