Um, Exam Week?

I'm fairly certain there isn't a more stressful time on earth than exam week at Duke University. Fortunately, the end is in sight. I've almost survived SIX Duke exam weeks & only have two left. I think I can, I think I can...

Here's my past week in a nutshell:

  • I went to LDOC on Wednesday & had a blast with Casey, Megan, & Kevin. I'm not sure why they let me hang out with them, but I'm sure glad they do :)

Ludacris a la high quality cell phone pic

  • All my baby freshmen are sophomores (or just days away from being sophomores) & are starting to move out. Insane. This week is full of good-byes & room inspections... two things of which I'm not so fond.

  • I had my final digital printmaking critique for three hours on Monday morning & I am DONE with silkscreening!
Contrast print -- Grandmother Oak at Camp Bethel / a map of downtown Roanoke

Downtown Winston-Salem, inspired by French artist Armelle Caron

  • I'm also DONE with marketing! We absolutely rocked our group project/presentation---the countless hours meeting in the library paid off :) PLUS, the final grades have already posted online, and I passed! (It wasn't that dramatic, actually. I was never afraid that I wasn't going to pass.)

My group wanted to dress all professionally for our presentation. Do I look like the kind of girl who has a professional wardrobe? (Answer: no.) Once, my art professor wanted us to "dress up" for class. That just meant no sweat pants. Anyway, I felt like such a little kid playing dress up, but I managed to pull this together & pretended to be a savvy marketing executive for a day :)

Although I felt like they added a professional touch, I didn't actually wear my glasses. It seemed a bit overkill.

  • All I have left to do this semester is email my portfolio for my independent study, finish a paper (I only have a page & a half left!), and take my art history exam tomorrow night. My current motivation? Looking at this pretty little delivery & knowing that I get to see Zach soon when he goes home for block leave!

At the risk of utterly embarrassing myself, I'll leave you with a sneak peek of the little book I'm making Zach to take to Afghanistan with him. You know... just to make sure he doesn't forget about me :)

(The original file size is huge so I can print it off in high quality. I sized it way down for the blog, hence why some areas look a little grainy/blurry. I promise it looks good in real life.)

Now if those pictures can't bring a smile to your face when you're having a bad day in the middle of the Afghanistan desert, I don't know what will :)