High Ropes Belaying, First Aid-CPR-AED, Wilderness and Remote First Aid Training...

You see that comprehensive list that makes up the title of this post?

Yeah. That's what I've spent the past five days doing. Two more days to go. When I finish, I may possibly be certified in everything the Red Cross offers (including the official Red Cross Babysitting Course --- I took that when I was probably eleven years old. Don't be jealous.)

Basically, I can safely suspend you in the air while attached to a rope. But in the event that I drop you and you have bones protruding from your limbs and excessive bleeding, I can then save your life.

Or so we hope.

(Dragon's Tail: the newest element on our high ropes course---especially new to me since I didn't work at camp last summer! It swings back & forth as you try to climb to the top.)

belaying & making it to the top of Dragon's Tail

"We like tuh-tles!"
(see video below for reference...)

But seriously, we do like tuh-tles here at Camp Bethel. And certification. Lots and lots of Red Cross certification :)