All In The Family

Growing up, I was one of seven grandchildren on my mom's side of the family. There's a 22 1/2 year age difference between the oldest and youngest grandchild, with everyone else spaced out between. The point is: none of us have any cousins our own age... or even remotely close to our own age. Yet despite the fact that we're so spread out, our entire family is really close. Most of us have always lived within a half mile of each other, we've always all gone to the same church, we all have dinner together at my grandparents' house at least once a week, etc.

Everyone, that is, except one of my cousins, who now lives in Florida with his wife and two ridiculously adorable girls.

No worries. We're still close, and we still get to see them a couple of times a year. This past weekend just happened to be one of those times!

Meet Kaylie Ann, age 5 1/2

And Myla Rae, age 2.

Even though they're in Winston for almost a week, Corrie & I only got to spend Saturday with them (Corrie is a senior high camper at Camp Bethel this week!) All seventeen of us enjoyed going out to eat & then heading back to my house for some homemade ice cream :)

When I was younger, the cousin gender ratio was: girls-5, boys-2. Then my cousin got married, so the girls gained another, and then BOTH of their kids are girls... bringing the score up to 8-2. Needless to say, there are always lots of polly pocket parties when the Adams' family comes to visit!

We also enjoyed some good ol' trampoline and baseball in the front yard :)

(I am not even kidding... she totally posed like this & said, "take my picture!" As soon as she heard the shutter, she'd whip out another pose. Girl is a natural.)

And although there is no photographic evidence, we did play numerous rounds of Wii Dance... boys included. Honestly, no pictures could do it justice.

Love you all! Amy/Justin/Kaylie/Myla---have a safe trip back to Florida & hopefully I'll see you SOON!