Deployment: Week 5 & 6

I haven't posted about Zach & the rest of the 1st Battalion, 9th Marines in a while. No worries, Afghanistan is and sunny.

Soon after the boys arrived over there, one of the officers sent out a list of suggested things to include in packages. He mentioned ramen noodles because "all of the Marines will have fairly easy access to boiling water." No duh. Stick the bowl outside for twenty minutes and you should be good to go. It's crazy hot over there & will definitely get hotter throughout the upcoming months.

Zach doesn't really mention the heat whenever we talk, though. However, he did tell me all about his trip outside the FOB this week... in a helicopter.

Yep, boyfriend got to escort a couple of interpreters from the FOB where he's stationed to the main base in Afghanistan via a helicopter. How legit is that?

Zach also informed me this week that he bought a ukulele. Yes, a ukulele. And it's currently being shipped to the middle of the Afghan desert. It's actually really funny, because unbeknownst to him, I've been looking at ukuleles online to buy for myself (I have a basic knowledge of ukulele chords & have played them before).

Does Zach have a basic knowledge of ukulele chords and/or experience playing one? Negative. But I guess he's got six months to learn how. I'm not gonna lie---I'm a sucker for guys playing stringed instruments of any kind. Woo away, boyfriend.

He's started receiving more mail---it takes about three to four weeks to get out there. I'm not sure how long it takes for mail to get back to the States, because he sent his first letter a month ago and I still haven't gotten it. Any day now, I'm sure. I can't wait... I'm pretty sure I like receiving snail mail even more than I like guys who play stringed instruments ;)

The only other major update is that Zach has figured out how to send texts to my phone via his email account, so he goes into work early/stays a little later and sends me a few texts from the armory computer! Goodness, I sure do love "texting" that boy. Minus the period of time when he was outside the FOB on the helicopter, I've gotten a text from him every day for the past two weeks. We typically get to talk on the phone once or twice a week as well---I feel so spoiled! He's doing really well; he's in great spirits & so up-beat and positive.

He also alway tells me to tell everyone hello, so dearest blog readers, hello from LCpl Jones (soon to be Cpl Jones!) in Afghanistan. Thanks again for all of your love and support---it's crazy to think that six weeks have already passed since Zach and I last saw each other. It's absolutely flying by! It's also crazy to think that TOMORROW is our three year anniversary...and I'm spending my entire summer where it all began :)