Horse Obsession

I think every girl goes through a "horse phase." (At least... I'm hoping so. Please tell me that you had a horse phase too so I don't feel dumb.) My little sister had a horseback riding party at Tanglewood Park for her 8th birthday. My baby sister once wrote the cutest letter to Santa Claus telling him how good she had been all year and that "the only thing" she wanted for Christmas was a horse.

However, I'm certain that my horse phase lasted 10x longer than everyone else's.

I eventually did outgrow my horse phase. I gave away my plastic horse collection with the Barbie stables. I also gave away my horse shirts (and sweaters. Yes, I had horse sweaters. I wish I were kidding...) I took down the horse posters in my room and found other things to fill the pages of my sketchbooks.

But I jumped at the chance to drive the junior high adventure unit on their horseback riding trip this week :)

And despite the fact that my insanely sharp tailbone is bruised beyond repair, I loved being a ten year old girl again.

(I also loved the chance to be all artsy with a legit camera for 20 minutes or so.)

Let's be honest: Did you have a "horse phase"?
If not, what was your preteen obsession?

PS: Happy Father's Day to my favorite daddy in the whole world---mine!
(He is pretty awesome, even if my baby sister never got that horse...)