O-Week Recap

[row 1: Nasher Museum, "Taste of Duke" picnic, home sweet Southgate, & poster sale on campus]
[row 2: using fire extinguishers during the fire safety session]
[row 3: painting my room, mail(!), and Jerren sleeping on my couch]

I know, I know -- I'm aware that it's no longer Friday. For what it's worth, I actually had the Friday Phone Dump ready to go yesterday, but a lot of things came up. Adapt and overcome, I suppose :)

Why exactly did a lot of things come up? Because it's O-Week, obviously! Orientation Week started on Tuesday, and the six days that follow are nothing less than absolute madness. Just observing makes me eternally grateful that I was sick during my freshman year O-week and slept through the entire thing.

• • • • •

This year, my O-week started with bulletin board decorating. As I've mentioned before, it's one of my stronger points as an RA.



Since I'm going on my fourth year living in the same dorm, I contacted former Southgaters from the past three years & asked them to give their advice to the new Southgate class of 2015 (side note: 2015?! I'm so old!)

I then used my snazzy design skills and created this:

So many helpful tips (and not-so-helpful... "There are monsters in Southgate." Really, David?)

Once the buildings were ready to go, the madness of freshmen move-in began:

Southgate team checking in Gilbert-Addoms with Dean Gonzalez

FACs swarming the cars

the residence halls

And the mayhem of the morning slowly turned into the chaos of the night:

East Campus quad

And now? Well, now there are 1700 new Dukies finding their way around campus, as well as 5000 other undergraduates who have returned to the Gothic Wonderland after spending the summer scattered across the globe.

Everyone is finally back, just in time for classes to start on Monday. In the meantime, there's still a lot of reuniting & catching up to be done :)