Last First Day of School

"Hey guys... guess who I am: FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!"

Although I was probably the least eager to wake up an HOUR early and get "first day of school breakfast" on Ninth Street with Jerren & Christian, I was by far the most enthusiastic once 7:30AM rolled around. And despite the fact that neither of the boys appreciated my Nemo impression as we ate our Bruegger's Bagels, I hyped up my LAST first day of school like it was nobody's business.

Jerren & I before our 8:45 Spanish classes. Jerren still has at least two more "first days of school" to go, hence why he's not as thrilled as I am. Clearly.

I know, I know. There is a chance that today may not have actually been my LAST first day of school. There's always graduate school; I'm not about to rule out the possibility. But I've survived 18 first days of school between Clemmons First Baptist, Center Grove, Calvary Baptist, & Duke... and I'm reveling in the fact that today may have very well been my last. Let me revel, please.

In continuing with the gloriousness of all things "last first," we have:

My last first day of school flowers from Amanda.

Fun fact: gerber daisies are my favorite flower.
Correction: gerber daisies are actually the ONLY flower I like.

Amanda gives each of the RAs a gerber daisy with a note attached on the first day of school... and Christian & Jerren decided theirs had a better chance of surviving if they passed it along to me :)

We also have my last first day of school schedule.

...which I suppose, in theory, isn't actually my LAST first day of school schedule, since I'll have a different one second semester. We'll call this my "last first day of fall semester schedule."

Mondays are my longest days, but I have a beautiful five hour lunch/nap window (which I took full advantage of today!), so it's not bad. Who am I kidding---it's a gorgeous schedule. I'm still not sure how I was able to convince myself that having THREE 8:45 classes this semester would be a good thing, but I have the following days to recover :) I'm taking Education 100 with a professor I've already had and love, and everyone in my Documentary Writing class gets an iPad for the semester! My Visual Arts course is Digital Photography, and my other Education course is "Infancy, Early Childhood, and Educational Programs." Ah, to be in preschool again. Spanish is actually the bane of my existence, but we're just looking for a passing grade here, folks, and I'm pretty confident I can make that happen.

Moving along.

My last first day of school lunch.

There's nothing significant about this; I just really really really missed eating sushi over the summer. Enough to break my "I don't like taking pictures of food" rule. Nom nom, spicy chicken, eel, crab salad, & avocado.

My last first day of school celebration, also known as Forever Duke...

Forever Duke Class of 2012
(*Dear Mom, I brushed my hair today. Promise. It rained really hard on my way from class to the block party.*) conjunction with my last first day of school gift from the Alumni Association.

Yep, I'm OFFICIALLY a senior :) And although this year will undoubtedly be filled with it's fair share of "last firsts" (this week alone, I'll go to my last first home football game and work my last first shift at the Coffeehouse), I'm not about to wish it all away just yet. I've still got 258 delightful days of student status ahead, no worries.

• • • • •

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