One week. I had exactly one week in between the end of camp and the start of my senior year. One week to enjoy the last little bit of summer & relax before heading back to school. Naturally, I spent my well-deserved vacation time here:

Yep. I didn't go anywhere. The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars was on repeat all week (metaphorically) and I enjoyed every second of it :)

PS: My baby sister had our room painted and got new bedding while I was gone this summer.
I felt the need to show it off to all of you lovely blog readers.
PPS: My side is the cleaner one in the above picture. Ha!

Don't get me wrong---I did somewhat productive things as well. I went to the bank & the post office & the library & got my car cleaned. I worked out at the Y once. I had dinner with my grandparents.

But let's be real. I spent a lot of time snuggling under this:

...while stuffing my face with this:

...and watching way too much of this:

Yes, Corrie & I have successfully made our way through all 22 episodes of season one and are currently working on season two. No shame.

The whole sleeping in thing is somewhat more justifiable considering the fact that I've been woken up every day this week between 5AM and 8AM.

I promise you, that voice on the other end belongs to the only person who could repeatedly wake me up at 6-something in the morning and get away with it :)

And there you have it---my less-than-spectacular, lazy vacation week at home. Don't be fooled, though. My lazy week precedes a super jam-packed weekend. Later today, I'll be traveling to Virginia to shoot a friend's engagement pictures (so excited!), Saturday, I'll be whitewater rafting in West Virginia, and Sunday, I move back to Duke... for the LAST time! Um, insane. Let the madness begin.

(And when the madness does begin, may you always remember the deeply profound words printed on the side of a Marble Slab milkshake cup.)