A Little Bit of Life

I don't Friday Phone Dump every Friday, simply because I don't take that many pictures on my cell phone. However, I've stored up enough in the past month and figured it was time to share.

Row 1:
a. My first official "tada-I-got-a-haircut" picture (because someone wouldn't quit nagging me for a pix message the morning I chopped it all off. You know wh00 you are..)
b. My cousin and his wife are having a baby! I actually received this picture last month... best secret keeper ever :)
c. New dorm common room furniture - trivial, but super pretty! I want it...
d. Early Childhood Education class: I love when we break up into groups & I get to draw/write on the whiteboard. My professor says I need to be a teacher based on my "perfect whiteboard handwriting" alone.

Row 2:
a. Seasons 3 & 4 of One Tree Hill :)
b. Doodling on the chalkboard table at work
c. East Campus bridge (I'm not responsible for the design or painting, obviously, but still love me some Southgate!)
d. Carpet burn on my elbows & knees: I think I learned my lesson about wrestling in the dorm...

Row 3:
a. Sleepy Jerren while I was on call one weekend
b. Sleepy Katherine at the beach
c. Sleepy Christian while we were supposed to be studying for our Psych exam


You may notice that baby blog experienced some changes over the past few days. (Definitely why I could never get a tattoo - I can't settle on a design that I like enough to keep permanently!) I had a lot of fun doodling the header in Photoshop while at the Coffeehouse the other night - not that I didn't like some of the designs I had in the past, but I feel like this is a lot more "me."

I also revamped the "Blogroll" page --- check it out here or click on the tab above :)

Other fun news from the past week:

My friend Megan & I signed up to perform in the final act of Awaaz (Duke's biggest dance production of the year): the senior bhangra. Do I have the slightest clue what this entails? Absolutely not. But the email was super convincing -- lots of capital letters and exclamation points and reiteration of phrases such as, "Show your senior pride! Show how much you love the class of 2012!" and "you need ZERO experience" and "it's A LOT of fun.. A LOT of fun!" Phrases were bolded. Words were written in/highlighted with different colors. I really had no choice.

I'll let you know how the first rehearsal goes..

I began working in the Durham Public Schools this week as part of my education courses. Twice a week, I'm in a 10th grade classroom at a School of the Arts, and another day, I'm in a Montessori primary class (pre-K and Kindergarten combined). The more I learn about Montessori education, the more I love it, and I can't wait to continue experiencing and learning. I'm super excited to spend the semester with these precious 3-6 year olds (my favorite!), as well as at the School of the Arts.

I actually don't enjoy writing, which sounds incredibly bizarre seeing as how I narrate this blog. But writing-writing, drafting papers for class and filling 80% of them with superfluous verbose language to fulfill the ten page minimum... not my thing. I doubt it's anybody's "thing," actually, but I'm still stuck in the 8th grade where a two-page assignment consumes my entire afternoon. (Then there's my best friend, the English major, who can bust out ten pages in an hour and then gets frustrated because she's already at the maximum page limit, but could easily write ten more. Le sigh.)

Anyway, given my love for the written word, it's no surprise that I postponed BOTH of the writing credits necessary to graduate until my senior year. I'm currently enrolled in "Documentary Writing" where we're studying (& writing our own) pieces of literary journalism & creative/narrative nonfiction. My professor is a literary genius (degrees from Cornell and Northwestern, and also a contributing editor at Harper's Magazine), so I was a little nervous to receive comments on my first paper this week. However, I couldn't be more thrilled:

"Excellent! The piece, so clear and evocative, makes me want to know more... Great work!"

What a glorious start to the weekend :)

Speaking of the weekend, I'm eager to get mine started, so I'll leave you with a super sneak peak of my latest art project:

Torture, I know. Check back in on Sunday & I'll show it off :)

Happy weekend, lovely blog readers.