October Anticipations

Just a quick little (and I mean quick & little) post to say:

(1) Happy October! It's my most absolute favorite month of the year, and I'm so excited it's back :)

(2) Since I'm so stoked about October, I figured I'd share all the exciting things happening on Simply B this month:
  • Update on Zach' deployment (I'm only a month behind) including a paragraph or so written by Zach himself
  • Heritage Day weekend at Camp Bethel recap
  • Fall Break in Florida with my cousins (including my first time flying by myself!)
  • Reveal of the new arrivals in my Etsy shop: get excited!
  • First time guest bloggers: I've never done this before, so we'll see how it goes!
  • A weddinggg in Roanoke, Virginia
  • Return of the "End of the Month Q&A" (go ahead & submit your questions here)

Pumped, yet?! I'm particularly excited about flying to Florida in FIVE days! And my 22nd birthday, obviously. Who am I kidding -- it's all super exciting, and that's not even including the day-to-day little things :) Love me some October!

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