All I Can Say

I don't remember exactly how it happened, but the first night I ever hung out with Christian, we ended up talking about our mutual love for David Crowder Band. Solid friendship beginnings, I'm telling you.

The following day, I looked up their tour schedule and saw that David Crowder Band was, indeed, coming to Charlotte in a little over two months. I pitched the idea to Christian as a "oh yeah, this would be cool, but I have no expectations of everything actually coming together and working out..." Psh, little did I know. The next day, I received a text saying that two tickets had been purchased and I wasn't allowed to back out.

And that brings us to last night :)

Top Ten Best Moments of Traveling to Charlotte to see David Crowder Band in Concert

10. Getting lost in Charlotte. And by "getting lost," I mean over an hour of driving around aimlessly downtown, a dead GPS, locals in a gas station that had never heard of the Fillmore Center nor had the slightest clue how to get to Hamilton Street... #classic. That doesn't even begin to cover the intersections with "do not turn left" AND "do not turn right" arrows posted. It was so disastrous that it was actually hysterical -- my abs hurt from laughing so hard. On the plus side, I have now seen the Carolina Panthers stadium (we drove past it three separate times!) and Christian can draw a map of the entire city, complete with street names & directional arrows.

In addition, we both learned that the city of Charlotte renamed "Seaboard Street" to "NC Music Factory Boulevard." You should probably store that tidbit of information away somewhere -- neither Google Map nor Mapquest are aware of this change. We didn't stand a chance.

Moving along...

9. The Fillmore Center. Once we finally (miraculously) arrived, we walked into... a giant one-room warehouse with a small stage at the front. Who knew?? I've never been to the Fillmore Center before (obviously), but I was NOT expecting to stumble into my future home the coolest, most intimate concert venue I've ever been to. Love at first sight, people. I was expecting a sold out arena; I ended up spending the evening with less than 2000 people... and David Crowder.

8. Self-awarded Best Fan Status. I may be biased, but Christian and I were clearly some of the more devoted fans present (I'm sure Christian would like me to clarify that he was the bigger fan, since he was wearing a David Crowder Band t-shirt...). I'm not talking about shrieking, "I love you, David!" in between songs (although those fans were present as well). I'm talking about knowing all the words to every song... without looking at the screen... including the little "here we go" tucked away in "No One Like You." Because we were fans way before "How He Loves" ever became popular. And because we're just that awesome :)

7. Chandelier Show-stopper. At one point during the show, David stopped playing/singing completely. Like, just stopped... in the middle of a song. And when asked by fellow band members why he stopped, he replied that he really really wanted to take a running leap off the stage and swing on the epic chandeliers in the Fillmore.

My thoughts exactly.

6. The Dominance of A Collision. Although "Church Hymns" is David Crowder Band's most recent album, the majority of the songs at the concert came from their album released in 2005: "A Collision." Undoubtedly the best album of all time. Foreverandever Etc., A Beautiful Collision, You Are My Joy, I Saw The Light, Here Is Our King... le sigh. Nothing more to say about that :)

5. Christian's mocking comments every time I snapped a picture: "That is definitely going on Simply B!"
(False. That was not one of the top ten moments of the night...)

4. Bluegrass segment. David Crowder + fiddles + banjos + mandolins + some good ol' fashioned flat-footing = loveee.

3. David Crowder, period. The man is so down-to-earth and absolutely hysterical, with a surprisingly thick Texan accent and a beard bushy enough to hide a small child. I could've listened to him all night, for reals.

2. Singing along to the radio on the return (and much more successful) roadtrip home. We hit the jackpot when it came to songs on the radio at 1AM... dynamite music selection, volume cranked up, open highway... great end to a perfect night :)

1. Worshipping my Jesus. It's really what the whole night was about, after all. And what a beautiful thing it was! Just imagine 2,000 people singing "How He Loves" along with David Crowder Band, Gungor, Chris August, & Jon Mark McMillan. Um, yeah.. epic. So blessed to experience this night of praise & worship.

After performing together for 11 years, David Crowder Band just announced during the summer that they're breaking up and this is their farewell tour, which made the whole night that much more special. While I'm super bummed that I won't have the opportunity to see them in concert again, I'm currently consoling myself with their brand new Christmas CD that my sisters gave me for my birthday... and the fact that they'll release their final album on January 10 :)