Every Pretty Girl Deserves To Go To A Ball

Today is the United States Marine Corps' birthday! (236th birthday, to be exact!)

One of these days, that will mean that I get to get all dressed up & go with Zach to the birthday ball again, but for now, it means that I get super reminiscent as I pull out all of my old pictures from the 234th birthday ball back in 2009...

...and pretend that I'm sitting in a grand ballroom wearing a super pretty dress instead of lounging in my bed in Zach's old pajama pants. It means that I browse the Web for pictures from this past week of the Commandant cutting the 236th birthday cake in Washington, D.C...


...and pretend that I'm freaking out over seeing that awesome sword in person for the first time. And it means that I watch the 236th Marine Corps Birthday Message via YouTube, (despite the impending "moto" accusations from my loving boyfriend)...

...and pretend that I'm watching it on a giant screen surrounded by hundreds of Marines who whoop & holler & yell a plethora of moto things throughout the entire twelve minutes, because that's what they do, and that's why I love them :)

It's true: the USMC Birthday Ball is grand & I absolutely adore it. I love the atmosphere and the energy and the sense of pride that goes along with celebrating something so great. But you know what? I don't only feel that sense of pride at the ball; I feel it every time I see "afghanistanPHONE" pop up on my cell and I'm reminded of why I won't be attending a ball this year.

Because today is about a lot more than dressing up and dancing and eating really good food. It's about celebrating a "rich heritage of selfless service and fidelity to Nation and to one another," [via] and I'm pretty sure I can do that while curled up in my bed in a pair of old pajama pants, talking to my favorite Marine who just happens to be 7,000 miles away :)

Happy 236th Birthday, Marines, & Semper Fidelis! :)

• • • • •

PS: This time of year is always just a grand ol' celebration/time of remembrance for the military, because not only is today the Marine Corps' birthday, but tomorrow is Veterans' Day! Let's be honest: I probably won't ever be able to top last year's Veterans' Day post, so I'm linking it up. Check it out; it's good :)