Engagement // Jonathan & Allison

I've mentioned before how close my extended family is. My mom & her siblings were fortunate enough to grow up with all of their dozen+ cousins in the same town, and as a result, the rest of us second cousins (that we just refer to as "cousins" to make things simpler) are a lot closer than most. Since there's over 30 great-grandchildren, we're almost guaranteed to have a cousin who's our age.

My same-age cousin is Jonathan:

... and yes, we were two of the cutest kids to ever walk this earth :) But now we're both all grown up... and Jonathan is engaged!

When Jonathan found out that I had been asked to do an engagement shoot for long-time camp friend over the summer, he instantly asked me if I'd be interested in doing his engagement photos as well. I was shocked -- engagement photos can be a really big deal & I'm by no means a professional! Fortunately, Jonathan & his fiancée, Allison, are undoubtedly the most photogenic couple in the world, so professionalism wasn't all that necessary :)

Jonathan & Allison traveled up to Durham last month & we spent the afternoon in the Duke Gardens (with a little bit of the Duke Chapel & downtown Durham thrown in). I absolutely loved getting to hang out with them -- they're perfect for each other! I'm SO excited for them, & really hope these pictures reflect how wonderful they are :)

Jonathan is currently in his third year of pharmacy school at Campbell University and there just happens to be the cutest "Main Street Pharmacy" located a mile from my dorm -- it was too perfect!

Congratulations, future Mr. & Mrs. Beam :)