Friday Random

In honor of the fact that Thanksgiving break is less than 100 hours away (yesss!), here's a pic of my new turkey friend:

He's made entirely from paint sample strips -- you know, the freebies you get at hardware stores :) I'm pretty proud of that. He will forever be an only child, though, because I greatly underestimated the amount of effort it would take to punch out a hundred hearts & glue them on individually.

But, I got to use the new micron pens, so life is good :)

All other creativity in the past few weeks has been in the form of designing pretty powerpoint presentations for my classes. Not exactly my most favorite thing, but it sure is a nice break from writing papers, I suppose.

I don't actually use powerpoint for my presentations; I just open a blank document in Adobe Illustrator & create the entire thing from scratch. Who knows, maybe one of these days I'll land a job as a visual communications designer?

And to think that it all started with this:

I gave a presentation yesterday on the importance of the creative arts in education. While going over my notes about the developmental stages of art, I read about children's first attempts at representing people, and remembered that my mom had sent me this picture. Apparently, I drew it for our neighbor when I was super young (Corrie wasn't even born, yet) and my neighbor came across it last year. He gave it to my mom, and tada -- I included it in the presentation, for sure :)
Check out those awesome skills.

I'll leave you with one more thing -- what kind of Friday would it be without a Friday Phone Dump?

[Row 1: late nights with Helen at the Coffeeehouse, my new picture frame, piroulines (reminded me of this summer in Whippoorwill), and going out to eat when my daddy came to town!]
[Row 2: birthday flowers, card designs, One Tree Hill (seasons 5 & 6), and the naked cowboy (Casey is spending the semester in New York & sent me the pic on my birthday!)]
[Row 3: on the way to the David Crowder Band concert, dinner at Zaxby's before the concert, David Crowder Band, & downtown Charlotte at night]
[Row 4: I'm obsessed with Unblock Me on the iPad. End of story]

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