Deployment: Week 28 & 29

Eeek, another two weeks down, another two weeks closer to what has the potential to be my favorite Christmas present ever. (Although let's be serious, I loved that Crayola calculator that Santa brought me in elementary school...) For real. Over 93% of this deployment is DONE! I don't care what kind of grading scale you use: a 93% is an A and that's really good. Really really good. While I've grown quite fond of my little Zach doodle up there, I can't wait to replace him with some real pictures :)

If you're wondering what it feels like to have less than 7% of a deployment left, I used my fancy camera settings to take this picture of my stomach:


Yep, that's pretty accurate. Technology is amazing these days.

Everything finally became real this weekend. Zach worked his very last 12-hour shift on guard force on Saturday. He's done. Done done done! Done with guard force and done with Afghanistan detainees and done with flak & kevlar and done with a bunch of other military terms that don't make sense to anyone else reading this blog, but that's okay. He's also done with his home for the past 6-7 months: FOB Geronimo :)


I may or may not have played the "Nah nah nah nah, hey hey-ey, good byeee" song a couple of times in my dorm room :)

So technically, the coming home process has begun :) Unfortunately, it doesn't feel like it yet, since there's a lot of hurry up & wait (and wait.. and wait..), but I have lots to do in the upcoming weeks to keep me busy.

Like... making the homecoming sign!

It's kind of a big deal :) I'll be standing there during the homecoming celebration with hundreds of other people holding signs, so it's gotta stand out. Fortunately, I've got the skills to take it a notch (or five) above the traditional poster board and magic marker approach, so I'm not too concerned about the actual design. BUT, I need help figuring out what to write on it!

I want something more than the standard, "Welcome home, Zach!" so I've come up with a few clever-ish possibilities and... (insert super exciting dramatic build-up here)... I'm letting you lovely blog readers decide on the final! You've all been extremely encouraging and supportive throughout the past year, and I feel like you've been a part of this journey right along with us! So, as a token of my appreciation, the final homecoming sign is up to y'all!

Here with have it... the current four options :) They're all based on a song, if you weren't aware, and I like all of them tremendously, which is why I'm incapable of deciding & leaving the final vote up to y'all. "Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not" is one of my favorite country songs, ever. I love the map of the USA & Afghanistan. I think the fact that I drew the Christmas tree and the mistletoe out of camo is hysterical. I think the fact that "I'mma Be Under The Mistletoe" is Justin Bieber's biggest hit at the moment and the Justin Bieber movie is the last thing that Zach & I watched together before he deployed is even more hysterical. I'm telling you... I like them all & I can't wait to see what you decide.

So... what should Zach's welcome home sign say?

Vote away :)

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