We've Only Just Begun

Obviously, I had every intention of posting this yesterday (December 14 - the actual day of my parents' anniversary). But for starters, I was in Winston for the day, and my internet connection at home won't even let me think about blogging. Then there's the fact that even if nobody else in the house came within fifteen feet of any computer long enough for the internet to cooperate with my laptop... it's my parents' 25th wedding anniversary. I mean seriously, how does one begin to put into words the legacy and impact of 25 years of love & marriage?

We'll just let the pictures speak for themselves.

My sisters and I spent the past month planning their party, complete with a Google Doc & a plethora of phone calls/texts/emails/inbox messages (we are officially pros at long-distance party planning) :) We had the party over the weekend in our church's fellowship hall - the same church fellowship hall where my dad asked my mom on their first date back in 1982 & the same church fellowship hall where my parents had their wedding reception nearly five years later. Presh, we know <3

In addition to being a college student, my sister has spent the past year+ working for a catering business in High Point. Let me tell you - sister is impressive.

So domesticated.

On a side note, my dad just examined a paracord bracelet I made & told me how impressed he was -- he never thought I would be the "domestic" type. Mom chimed in and told him that making bracelets does not qualify me as "domestic," just "crafty." I found this conversation entirely amusing. It's true; I have no desire to cook or bake anything, ever. My contribution to the food table at the party was the pre-packaged 25th anniversary mints.

Moving on.

While sister dominated the kitchen, I hung streamers & balloons & twinkly lights...

And made banners...

and arranged a table of "mementos for everyone to look at" like a boss :)

1. mom's bridal portrait
2. a booklet of anniversary cards I collected over the past month from family & friends
3. my parents' wedding photo album
4. the book I made my parents for their 24th anniversary
5. a music box that plays "We've Only Just Begun" (song played at their wedding)
6. mom & dad's wedding cake topper
7. the Willow Tree anniversary figurine my grandparents gave my parents
8. wedding picture that has been displayed on our mantel for the past 25 years
9. a poinsettia - the flowers at my parents' wedding

I had never seen the cake topper until this weekend. Neither of my parents are gingers, but according to mom, "it was cute."

Please take a closer look at the image on the right: it's a paperweight that sat on my mom's desk in high school/college. I've already claimed it.

The ornament my grandparents (who have been married for 55 years) gave my parents

• • • • •

And finally, after a month of planning, 75+ people came out to help us celebrate :)

...and we spent the afternoon surrounded by family & friends & neighbors who have known my parents since they were teenagers (and who were actually the first to know that they were dating!)

• • • • •

As another side note, I thoroughly enjoyed going through old pictures for the grand occasion. I'd also like to point out that sometimes I remind my parents about how I'm already older than both of them were when they got married:

Mom was 20, although she undoubtedly looks 12...

Needless to say, that doesn't go over well :)

• • • • •

Happy 25th anniversary, Mom & Dad!
Thank you for the incredible example of a godly marriage you've shared with everyone over the years.
I love you <3