Friday Phone Dump

It's been a while, but here's a Friday Phone Dump from the past few weeks:

[Row 1: Main Gate at Camp Lejeune; official base pass for the homecoming ceremony; Z passed out after arriving back in America; sunset in Jacksonville]
[Row 2: my other boyfriend, J.Biebs; Christmas tree; Callie]
[Row 3: flag flown over FOB Geronimo on my birthday; NC State basketball game with my family & Zach]
[Row 4: together again; New Year's Eve; a pic one of the Marines in Zach's unit took in Afghanistan]

• • • • •

I'm heading back to Duke first thing in the morning to begin my FINAL semester of my undergraduate career (yesss!), which means a much better internet connection & more frequent blog posts. In the meantime, I've thoroughly enjoyed what may possibly be the last three week break I'll have until I'm 60 years old. No big deal.