10(ish) Things

This post was originally a firm "10 Things" that make me happy. But then I got carried away. I'd like to point out that I'm a visual arts major, not a math major, so you really can't blame me if my counting skills are a little sketch, hence how ten turns into thirteen...ish.


Current Life Happiness #1: Packages!

Ignore the fact that the bag of trail mix is, like, half-eaten. Also ignore the fact that you don't see a king-size Hershey bar in the photo. It's in my belly. Sorry I'm not sorry.

Current Life Happiness #2: Wedding Invitations

More specifically, wedding invitations featuring my photography -- how crazy is that?! I've gotten the pleasure to open a Christmas card & a "Save the Date" card with photos that I have taken, and now I get to add wedding invitation to the list. It's an incredible feeling, knowing that hundreds of other people are opening these same cards/invitations and seeing a picture that I took. Definitely something I never imagined happening, nor something I ever aspired to, really, but it's all kinds of crazy fun.

Current Life Happiness #3: Easter Baskets

There are three "kids" in my family (soon to be only one teenager left - I'm not really sure if we still count as kids), but this past Easter morning brought FOUR Easter baskets :) Yep, Zach spent Easter with my family... the first time in all four years that we've gotten to spend a major holiday together! That in and of itself should count for like, 1000 of my current life happinesses.

Current Life Happiness #4: Graduation Announcements

Oh, come on... as if you really thought I'd let you see the finished product! ;) I was able to convince my mom that the university-issued announcements were incredibly boring & that I should just design my own - success :) Mom was busy when I texted her to find out how many I should order, and she responded hours later with "40-50." By then, however, I had grown impatient and already placed the order. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm really proud of the fact that I'm graduating from Duke, and I'm really proud of the way these invitations turned out... so 100 announcements should be arriving at my door within the next few days. You may all have one :)

Current Life Happiness #5: "Good Luck on Your Job Interview" Texts

If only the cat could text, we'd have all the females in the house represented :)

Current Life Happiness #6: The Complete Ninth and Final Season of One Tree Hill is in Stores!

It hit shelves today, folks. I'm kinda expecting someone who loves me to pick up a copy for my graduation present. (Corrie Haynes, I'm looking at you.)

Current Life Happiness #7: Graphic Design

I recently re-designed the "About Me" section of my blog. If you haven't checked it out, you probably should :)

Current Life Happiness #8: Anything & Everthing James Lafferty Tweets

You know that moment when you discover that your celeb crush is also one of the funniest/most sarcastic human beings on the planet and you are more than certain that you would be the best of friends if he only knew you existed? Swoon.

Current Life Happiness #9: Draw Something v. My Sisters

Sometimes, my sisters and I are a lot a like. Sometimes... not so much. Case in point: the drawing on the left is what I sent. The drawing on the right is what I received in return. (The answer is "socks," in case you were wondering.)

We're also not so much alike when it comes to music knowledge, apparently. Draw Something can get awfully heated in this family:

The "Backstreet Boys on a stage" were actually "four stick figures crossing a road at a crosswalk." (Abbey Road, people?)
I died.

Current Life Happiness #10: My Boyfriend has Freckles on his Eyelids

That's not a new discovery, but something that makes me incredibly happy nonetheless.

Honorable Mentions:

Current Life Happiness #11: My almost-10 year old cousin now thinks I'm a pro skateboarder. She received a skateboard as an early birthday present & I worked with her at our grandparents' house on Easter to begin learning how to ride it. In case you were wondering, the fact that I can stand on the skateboard without holding onto anything is what caused her to exclaim, "Dad, Beth is like, a professional skateboarder!" I'll take what I can get, people.

Current Life Happiness #12: The high school class that I intern with is on spring break! Don't get me wrong: I love working with those students. But high schools should not start at 7:30. Especially when college nights don't end until 4AM. True happiness is a couple of extra hours in my bed each morning.

Current Life Happiness #13: I wrote a 4 page paper in 45 minutes today. (4 page papers typically take me dayssss. This is unreal. And it was actually one of my better papers, believe it or not. 'Tis a shame I'm finally getting the hang of this now that I'm about to graduate...)

I could keep going, but I promised you thirteen(ish) happinesses, and after breaking my initial declaration of ten(ish) happinesses, I think it's best to stick to my word. However, I'd love to hear what some of your current life happinesses are... particularly if they involve celeb crushes or chocolate or a deep-rooted passion for quality drawings on a touch screen :)

Or, you know... other things.