Life on the 22s

Less than three weeks. Less than three weeks until I am done with college classes forever. (Please just let that sink in... it feels SO good. It still feels so far away, simply because there's an endless amount of work left to be done, but it feels SO good). Lest anyone believe that my life is nothing but a string of glamorous weekend outings to fictional television towns and historical battleships, I assure you that I am, believe it or not, a full-time student.

I also assure you that my days without blog posts are incredibly unglamorous.

It's true. Blogging has a way of forever memorializing the beautifully poignant moments in life - moments chalked full of wonderful memories captured through rich stories and luscious photographs. I love that. I love savoring the good and sucking the marrow out of the high-on-life moments. I love creating a memoir to look back on someday in which I will be reminded of the best of the best - time spent with people I love doing things that I love.

But that's no reason to throw out the seemingly mundane every day, right?

This is not an attempt to idealize my day-to-day life in any way. This is simply a girl and her cell phone camera, snapping a pic every hour... no fancy high-res settings, no editing, no perfect script to narrate the images. I called this post "Life on the 22s" because for one day, I took a picture every hour at the :22 mark. A picture of my surroundings, my environment, my life... a picture of the seemingly mundane. And as mundane as it is, I kinda really like how it turned out :)

• • • • •

Believe it or not, I'm already up & ready for the day. I leave my dorm and begin my drive to Jordan High School, where I am co-teaching a course in a 1st period ESL class as part of my minor in Education. About this time, I begin to question how I went to school this early for 13 years...

My eighteen students are from all over the world: Vietnam, Congo, Yemen, El Salvador, Mexico, etc. They make me laugh every day, without fail. Of the six classes I've taught in during my time at Duke, this one is easily my favorite. These students respond to every question, they're not afraid to try, and they genuinely want to learn. Did I mention how much they make me laugh?

Just enough time to swing by the campus post office and pick up some Starbucks: two things that always seem to make my day :) I definitely venture out to the post office more frequently than the average student. For that matter, I might consume more frappuccinos than the average student as well...

Class time. All of my classes this semester have less than 16 people, which isn't that unusual, actually. The majority of my classes during my time at Duke have been small. We all fit around a table in a little 2nd story room with a balcony, and we have two and a half hour long group discussions.

Still in class. Attempting to take a cell phone picture without anyone noticing can be challenging. Sneaky, sneaky.

Also challenging? Finding three different angles to take three different pictures from the exact same seat. Still in class, obviously. Check out my creativity.

Lunch! After class ends, I grab something to eat, typically from Trinity Cafe. This day, however, I'm seriously craving some Panda Express. It's actually the first time I've gotten Panda all year, but now it's forever memorialized so you can think of me as a not-so-healthy food junkie. Awesome.

Quick round of Draw Something with my sister. At this point, the majority of you are thinking, "ahh, she plays Draw Something with me, too!" True life: I have an on-going game of Draw Something with almost everyone I know. What can I say -- I'm just drawsome like that ;)

Andddd the job search continues. Applications. Cover letters. Being more-than-slightly nervous about upcoming interviews, but also being grateful for interviews. A ray of hope that someone sees something in me is always a great thing... as is the possibility that I might not be homeless and unemployed for the rest of my life.

This is my "I-love-writing-papers-every-week" face. 'Nuff said.

Again with the whole "finding different angles to take different pictures from the exact same spot" thing. My poor laptop takes a beating when I do design work.

A shot of Lilly Library from the steps of the East Campus Union, where I take a quick trip to the store under the Marketplace to grab some groceries/dinner. I love my East Campus home :)

I can't mention my East Campus home without including my Smith Arts Warehouse home. Spending some time in the printmaking studio beveling my copper plate for this semester's final project.

Off to Perkins Library to meet up for a group project. Oh heyy, gothic architecture.

Still working on the group project in von der Heyden. Don't get me started on my love for group projects. And by love, I mean absolute detestation. Three more weeks, right?

The only perk of spending way too many nights in the library this semester working on aforementioned group project? I get to walk past the Chapel when I leave. Four years & this view still hasn't gotten old; it's almost magical.

I do laundry out of absolute necessity, so you know that I'm down to my last clean item of clothing if I'm spending my night in here. You also know that you're really missing the whole "dorm laundry room" experience right about now. You also know that statement couldn't be further from the truth.

Snuggled in bed (on a good night). Let's be honest, I tend to go days at a time without sleep. The popular slogan "Nobody ever wishes they'd slept more during college"...? False. So false. This girl right here would love the opportunity to sleep more. At most, I have a month left of homework-filled all-nighters. Then I can officially become an old lady and go to bed before 9, if I want. #gloriousday

And there you have my "life on the 22s" :) If you've been in a blog slump lately, or just wanna showcase your day-to-day happenings in a more creative way, you're more than welcome to do your own version! I used the "22s" simply because I'm 22 years old, but feel free to change it up. If you do, make sure you link up in the comments so others can check it out :)

• • • • •

With all of that being said, I promise to return next week with a much more "memorializing-the-beautifully-poignant-moments-in-life" post: I'm going to the Outer Banks of North Carolina this afternoon for a wedding (eek!), and then I'm spending Easter in Winston with my family :) ALSO, I'll be unveiling a collaboration project that Zach & I have been working on over the past couple of weeks. Not gonna lie: I've been so stoked to share it! How's that for a huge tease to start off your weekend?

Happy Easter :)