The Final Countdown

Do you realize that I have been counting down the days to May 2012 since... oh, about November 2008?

But seriously.

It's been a longgg 3 and a half years. And it's not over yet. I'm certainly not about to jinx anything; the alumni bumper sticker is still in the envelope until all papers are turned in and all final grades are submitted.

But May is here!
With May comes the promise of many exciting things... which will undoubtedly be documented via blog posts :)

[xx] Senior Capstone Exhibit, Part I
[xx] Senior Capstone Exhibit, Part II
[xx] Beach Weekend
[xx] College Reflections
[xx] Final Goodbyes
[xx] Graduation
[xx] Graduation Parties

And then after that?
I have not the slightest clue.

For the very first time in my entire life (all 22 years of it, woot!), I don't have a plan for what comes next...
...and I'm totally okay with that.

Because I know Who does have a plan for what comes next, and truthfully, I do a not-so-great job when I attempt to make my own plans. I'm excited to continue to put my faith in Him and see where I am in life when May passes & June rolls around :)

• • • • •

In the meantime, I went to Target yesterday. I typically go to Target to purchase things like lamps and pillows and cheap, durable plateware. But today, I found myself in the women's clothing section.

Oh. My. Word. I'm not sure if I've just never wandered into the clothing section in Target during the past 10 or so years, or if they've recently become infinitely more awesome*, but I wanted to buy everything I saw. Literally. Buy all the things.

*refers to the same level of awesome as Disney princess coloring books and knowing all the moves to Miley Cyrus' "Hoedown Throwdown". You be the judge of just how awesome that is. Rates pretty high in my book...

I tried on a few things, but I managed to keep my tax refund check completely intact. Look at that fiscal responsibility ;) Instead, I came home and pined over all the things I wanted to buy: a virtual shopping spree, if you will.

I'm aware this wardrobe is in no way indicative of the fact that I'm almost graduated and "all grown up." It's okay; I'm completely secure with my fashion sense of a 14 year old.

1. Graphic tees have always been a staple in my wardrobe, and I don't really plan on that changing just because I get a college diploma. Sorry I'm not sorry. Bambi was my first favorite childhood movie. And is there really anything more fabulous than a giraffe in glasses? I think not.
Bambi Graphic Tee ($13) | Giraffe with Glasses Tee ($13) | Splatter Heart Graphic Tank ($10)

2. Zach and I had talked about a military-themed photoshoot before he deployed, but we quickly learned that pre-deployment life isn't very conducive to scheduling much of anything. So now we're tossing around the idea of a post-deployment military-themed photo session. Who knows if we'll actually get around to booking one, but if we do, I'll need outfits to go with each of his uniforms, right? ;) This pretty little dress would go perfectly with the service "C" (Charlies)...
Ruffle Sleeve Woven Dress ($35)

3. Because everyone needs a pair of yellow skinny jeans. And because I spent way too much time riding a skateboard over Easter break.
Lemon Skinny Jeans ($16)

4. I'm quite the fan of printed/patterned shorts. Yes, please.
Printed Denim Shorts ($18) | Cabbage Floral Shorts ($18)

5. Let's be honest: I'm contemplating caving & actually purchasing this bad boy. I love monkeys & I love knitted hats, and this combination is almost too much perfection for me to handle.
Knit Monkey Hat ($10)

6. I secretly want to be Zooey Deschanel, and I'd like to think that she'd be rather fond of those light blue flats...
Olga Canvas Flat Sneakers ($10) | Floral Ballet Flats ($20) | Sandal with Flower ($15)

7. I've wanted a romper for a few years now, and I've decided that this is gonna be the year I actually purchase one. Or 20. I'm enthralled by the idea of only having to decide on one thing to wear in the morning instead of choosing something and then trying to find something to match. Maybe I'm fashion-forward, or maybe I'm just lazy ;)
One Shoulder Romper ($20) | Ruffle Romper ($18) | Smocked Romper ($20)

I'd like to point out that the grand total of all the items pictured in my virtual shopping spree is less than the cost of one dress from Anthropologie. Fact.

And with that, my virtual shopping spree must come to an end. I am completely, 100% done with two of my classes for this semester, but I still have papers to turn in by Friday for the remaining two. Letsssgooo :)

If you could go on a $250 shopping spree anywhere, where would you choose?