Friday's Letters

Last month, I joined in on the Friday's Letters link-up, and I enjoyed it so much/was introduced to so many wonderful bloggers that I'm doing it again!

• • • • •

First & foremost,
Dear New Internet Router:
Thank you, thank you, thank you. Because of your beautiful self, I'm writing this post from my house. Not the library. Not Starbucks. My house. You didn't crash when I uploaded one picture... or when I opened a second tab... or when I simply thought about reading Kelle Hampton's blog. Seriously, this is mind-blowing.

Dear Fiancé:
I just like saying the word fiancé. That's all :)

Dear People Who Are Way More On Top Of Their Lives Than I'll Ever Be:
"Congratulations on being engaged" presents? I'll say it again: you are way more on top of your lives than I'll ever be (I'm doing well if a simple birthday card is no more than a week late)... and you are wonderful! Thanks for making this exciting time in our lives even more special with your thoughtfulness :)

Dear Baby Sis:
How did we ever make this work when Middle Sis lived in the room, too? (Seriously, all three of us shared a room for five years of my childhood). Regardless, thanks for letting me live out of storage bins at the end of the bed during this awkward post-graduation job search period.

Speaking of which,
Dear Job Interview Today:
Let's rock this thing, okay?

Dear God:
Thank You for bringing some paying independent design projects into my life in between these job interviews. And thank You for job interviews in general. So glad You have all of this in control.

Dear Sparklers:
You are a wonderful way to kick off the beginning of summer with cousins :)

And lastly,
Dear Friday:
Thank you for being here... although graduation has kind of turned every day into Friday. It's still nice to be official :)

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