On The Road Again

Last Friday, I drove 220 miles round trip for a job interview in Raleigh.

Saturday, I drove 200 miles round trip to spend the afternoon with Zach's family in Virginia.

Earlier this week, I traveled 800 miles round trip on vacation with my family in Atlanta.

And today, I am driving 230 miles round trip to photograph my first wedding in Virginia.


All this time for driving means not a lot of time for blogging. Fortunately for you, I had the opportunity to guest blog over at Passion, Pink and Pearls about the topic "This is My Story" -- sharing a little bit of my faith journey :) If you've missed my semi-frequent posting, you should definitely check it out. (Side note: Veronica of Passion, Pink and Pearls scheduled my guest blog to post on the day of her wedding! She's officially married -- congrats, girl!)

In the meantime, you can get a glimpse of my nomadic life via this week's Friday Phone Dump (a couple of hours late):
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