Wedding Wednesday

This is actually happening---the wedding, that is! I don't say that out of shock in an "I can't believe I'm getting married" way---trust me, I'm beyond thrilled to get married. I say it more out of amazement in an "I can't believe I'm having a wedding" way. Totally different. Marriage has always been a part of the plan. But a wedding? Eh, not so much.

That probably comes as a surprise to most, but my closest friends have known that I was way more into the idea of eloping than having a wedding ceremony for years. I've recently joked that when God was sprinkling little girls with a dash of "love for dreaming about a perfect wedding," I snuck away and ended up in the "ability to kill bugs without freaking out" line. Trust me, I can kill bugs like a boss. But coordinating centerpieces and flowers and accessories? You have got to be kidding me.

It's not that I'm incapable of doing such things---I simply don't care. I don't even like flowers. Or cake. Or jewelry or hairstyles or veils. (Fairly certain all of my blog readers are appalled right now). Don't even get me started on the fact that people spend months, even years, scrutinizing over details for an event that lasts a couple of hours... or the fact that the average wedding in America currently costs $26,000... or the fact that an article just appeared in my newsfeed entitled "5 Ways to Avoid Post-Wedding Blues." Really, America... post-wedding blues? You are telling me that some people become depressed because they are no longer planning a wedding---they are actually married?! When I think about my "post-wedding" life, I envision a variety of emotions, and there is not a single shade of blue. Not even the slightest hint of blue.

I could go on, but I'm fairly certain you get the point: I've never been into planning a wedding. Eloping just sounds so perfect. Zach has also known this for years and is fine with it. Yet after all the shrieking and congratulations from my best friend just minutes after I got engaged, her end of the conversation went straight into planning mode (with a disclaimer that said "I know you totally don't want any of this, but just hear me out.") Days later, the most wonderfully hysterical multi-page wedding-planning Google document appeared in my inbox. And before I knew it... my best friend had talked me out of eloping and into planning a wedding!

Granted, it's a wedding without flowers and without wedding cake. And granted, Kacey still has to re-talk me out of eloping at least twice a week. But the fact is: Zach and I are having a wedding. We have selected a venue and received the contract. More so, we have set a date---we're officially getting married in 200 days!

Let's be honest, I'm pretty excited to reveal bits and pieces throughout the upcoming months on the blog, hence the "Wedding Wednesday" feature. I mean, I don't have the wedding-crazed fever, & this definitely isn't going to be a weekly thing. But it's still going to be fun to share how we plan to weave camp, the military, our Southern roots, our faith, and a huge dose of my artsy creativity into this whole thing :)

the venue contract

more to follow... stay tuned :)