On the Horizon

A lot has happened in my life in the past month(ish) --- a LOT. I'm talking dozens of blog post-worthy events. For the first time in a longgg time, however, I've gotten to share all of these life happenings with the people closest to me: Zach & my family & some of my dearest friends. It's funny: I guess I haven't been on top of sharing my life with the entire world (via blog) simply because I've been sharing my life with the most important portion of my world (via real life). And I'll take real life over blog world, any day :)

Nonetheless, I definitely plan on doing some blog catch-up! Here's quite a few belated posts you can expect in the upcoming weeks:
  • Visual Arts Senior Capstone Project - I wrote about some of the other projects here, but I never revealed my own!
  • College Graduation - Getting engaged kind of stole the spotlight, but graduation was a pretty big deal & deserves its own shoutout :)
  • "A Letter to my 18-Year-Old Self" (originally planned to post this ON my graduation day, but forgot in all the engagement excitement)
  • Photography | Bradley & Rebecca's wedding (my first time ever photographing a wedding---super exciting)
  • My new full-time job in Raleigh (oh, hey... I GOT A JOB!)
  • My new apartment (oh, hey... I GOT MY OWN PLACE!)
  • lots of pictures & reflections of time spent with family, particularly cousins visiting from Florida :)

Also on the horizon:
  • 6 days 'til my FOUR year anniversary with Zach
  • 9 days 'til my grandpa's 75th birthday party---a huge deal since he spent three months in the hospital a year and a half ago with a traumatic brain injury
  • 10 days 'til I move into my new apartment (and one of my dearest friends leaves for Kenya!)
  • 11 days 'til I start my new job

And of course, there's always some wedding details to be revealed. So much excitement! Hang on tight, blog world -- we've got quite a bit of catching up to do ;)