Friday's Letters

Linking up with Friday's Letters today :)

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Dear Zach: Thanks for getting me the super adorable red North Carolina necklace (featured in the series finale of One Tree Hill) when we went exploring in Pittsboro. I want to wear it every day. Even when it totally doesn't match the rest of my outfit.

Dear Blog Readers: Don't be alarmed by the layout/design updates. We'll just call this a work in progress. As in, I've been doing some simple web design for friends recently & realized that I hadn't done much to update my own page in the past year. It will undoubtedly change another dozen times in the next month before I settle on something I like.

Dear Decker & Scham: I can't believe you've already deployed again to Kuwait. More so, I can't believe Zach would be in Kuwait with you right now if he had decided to re-enlist; it feels like y'all just got home from Afghanistan! Please be safe.

Dear Marine Corps: I don't like you for taking Zach's friends overseas, and I don't like you for rarely allowing me to spend a weekend with my fiancé. However, I am very much in love with the fact that the 1/9 Marine Corps Birthday Ball is on the Riverfront in Wilmington this year. I know it's two months away, but I have waited three years to attend another one of these... and I am stoked!

Dear Pumpkin-Flavored Anything: I have no idea when it became so cool to become obsessed with you, but I will find some other way to celebrate the unofficial start to the fall season (in the 88 degree weather, mind you). So over-rated.

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Happy weekend!