Friday Letters

Linking up with Friday Letters today :)

Dear Duke Football: Really, you wanna go off and have the best start to your season since 1994... the year after I graduate? You're funny. Nonetheless, I love you. Let's get super crazy and make it to a bowl game! Ambitious, much?

Dear No-Straight-Hair-Friday: I'm sorry I made you way less special this week by also partaking in No-Straight-Hair-Tuesday-Wednesday-and-Thursday. Oops. But let's talk about how put together I was on Monday...

Dear Marine Corps Recruiting Office: I think it's hysterical that our offices occupy the same building -- what are the odds?? However, I'm getting awfully tired of your condescending "You don't know my life, Civilian" glances that I get every day as I cross the parking lot. I do know your life, actually. I hope the giant Eagle, Globe, & Anchor sticker that I just added to the back of my SUV helps you to realize that we have more in common than you think.

Dear Fall Mornings: Even though you're still turning into summer afternoons, you're a bit chilly when the alarm goes off. I blame you for No-Straight-Hair-Tuesday-Wednesday-and-Thursday; my bed and I are having an incredibly difficult time saying goodbye these days.

Dear Construction Workers: Thanks for digging in the completely wrong spot yesterday and managing to leave the entire office without phones or Internet access. I had grand flashbacks to my senior trip to Costa Rica where we managed to bust three water pipes... except we were a group of inexperienced 18-year-olds with shovels. Way to go.

Dear Customer Appreciation Day at Jimmy John's: I felt incredibly appreciated with my $1 sub yesterday. Jimmy's got my vote :)

Dear Everyone Who Has Sponsored Me & Zach in Next Weekend's Run/Walk for Autism: Your support means so much! From the bottom of my heart, thank you. (Find out how you can sponsor us here - a bunch of $5 or $10 donations can go a long way!)

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Anddd... Friday Phone Dump: a collection of photos taken on my phone over the past month:

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Happy weekend, all!