Wedding Wednesday

*on a Thursday

Because being so on top of your life that you post Wedding Wednesday posts on Wednesdays is overrated.

It's been a while since I've posted a legitimate wedding-related post. Not that incredibly superficial reasons to get married or incredibly awkward ways to invite yourself to a wedding aren't legitimate, but you know. Best be taking advantage of these Wednesdays (Thursdays)... because I only have seven left! If I were into obnoxious capitalization and/or hashtags, this is the spot where I'd insert a #HOWDIDTHATHAPPEN?! followed by a #EEEKKKKIMGETTINGMUHRRIED. It's a good thing I'm not about that life - the obnoxious capitalizing/hashtagging life, that is, not the married life. Because I'm totally ALL about the married life...

If you've clicked over to our wedding website at any point in the past few months, there's a pretty good chance you've gotten to know our wedding party. (And if you haven't checked it out, this is the part of the blog post where you do that, obviously. I'll wait.)

Today, I wanted to highlight some additional wonderful folks who are helping to make our wedding day special.

These guys have been there since the beginning of "ZachandBeth." But seriously, Zach and I trace the beginning of our relationship back to David's basement. All four of us spent 2007 and 2008 on staff at Camp Bethel (and again in 2009 sans Zach), so it's only appropriate that Zach will watch me walk down the aisle on our wedding day as two of our dearest camp buds play some of our favorite camp songs on acoustic guitars. Break out the kleenexes.

I know what you're thinking: on the count of three, let's all breathe a collective, "awww!" :) It's true. Zach and I had the opportunity to be co-counselors for a week back in 2007 (the first half of week 7, unit 1... in case anyone wants to raid archived camp photos to find the first ever picture of Beth and Zach before we ever started dating, because I definitely don't have those. Can you say epic wedding present?) and two of our campers from that week will be at the wedding to pass out programs. Keep in mind that these girls had just finished Kindergarten the summer that Zach and I were their Tenderfoot counselors... and now they're in middle school! We're officially old.

Lest you begin to think we should start calling this shindig "A Very Camp Bethel Wedding," I present another group of wonderful people helping to make our day special... and helping to make it "A Very Calvary Wedding."

My favorite memory of Cameron is undoubtedly our monthly trips to Krispy Kreme on high school physics test days where we would eat 10 doughnuts. I'm not even making that up. My second favorite memory is my birthday karaoke debut last year, where we performed a Lady A duet. I'll let you guess which one of us was born to karaoke and which one of us could use some work ;) I should probably mention that he has a killer eye for photography and almost made me cry when he offered to shoot my wedding, but that goes without saying. It's so special to know that I'll have one of my dearest friends behind the scenes capturing all the details of the day.

Told you we're keeping it all in the Calvary family here. But seriously, how could we not when my friends are so talented (and generous!)? I figured if Tucker and I could survive driver's ed in-car together at the age of 14 AND four years at archrival universities, then we'll survive the wedding day just fine :) ps: in case you haven't put two and two together, while Tucker is managing the mics from the back, his twin sister will be holding my bouquet in the front ;) Double ps: please tell me you're appreciating that 2007 flashback prom pic.

As much as I like to do everything myself, we all know that I can't be setting things up on the morning of the wedding, hence another Calvary alum: my sister's college roommate! I'm so glad AK has agreed to help with all the final details. She's already got her dress for the occasion, so she's clearly on top of things... unlike me, apparently. I bet she would actually post Wedding Wednesday posts on Wednesdays.

And lastly: our wedding isn't solely camp & high school friends... this is quite the family affair, as well!

Sophia is the older sister of our ring bearer (who is still refusing to walk down the aisle, by the way. We're considering having the flower girl drop quarters instead of flower petals to increase our chances of a ring bearer appearance. This wedding is guaranteed to be a hoot.) I have a soft spot for the guest book attendant as I've gotten to be one in a couple of weddings, so I'll just leave you with this: please don't make her flag you down to sign the guestbook. Just don't. Period.

It's true... my papa is a pastor. Ironically enough, he spent over 20 years of his life as the pastor of a church in the county where Zach's family lives (in Virginia), even though he lives next door to my family in Winston-Salem (North Carolina); he made the nearly 4-hour round trip drive every Sunday. I've always wanted my papa to be the one to marry me - it's something so incredibly special that I'll cherish for the rest of my life. More kleenexes, please :)

• • • • •

As you can see, we have a lot of people who are near and dear to our hearts helping to make our wedding day so personal and wonderful. Be on the lookout for another Wedding Wednesday post (perhaps actually on Wednesday, next time)... invitations are designed, printed, and going in the mail!