Currently // January

ANTICIPATING this sunny, 73 degree weekend. Oh my word, I can't wait to be warm again!

ATTEMPTING to figure out this whole "name changing" process. I wish becoming Mrs. Jones with regards to my social security, license, insurance, bank accounts, & all work-related things was as simple as becoming Mrs. Jones on Facebook ;)

AWAITING over 20,000 copies of my second magazine as a graphic designer to be sent out across the state next week. Have I mentioned lately just how much I love what I do?

CATCHING up on emails and inbox messages galore.

CELEBRATING a very successful first week of college for Zach... and the fact that I'm no longer the one reading textbooks and writing papers :)

COMPILING a list of all the projects I want to tackle in 2013. Looks like a good year for creativity!

ENJOYING the fact that I've seen Zach for a record-breaking 15 consecutive days. I also enjoy REMINDING Zach that he married a girl he'd never seen for 12 consecutive days ;)

FINDING every excuse to wear this ampersand sweater (easily one of my favorite Christmas gifts from my parents) or these boots (did you know Santa shops at Urban Outfitters?)

LISTENING to the Perks of Being a Wallflower soundtrack on repeat. Well, technically, just the second track: Come On, Eileen. So much love.

SHOPPING for two. More specifically, grocery shopping for two.
Y'all, the first moment I really realized I was married? Zach and I made a quick stop by Harris Teeter after coming home from our honeymoon to get some milk & other perishable items I'd gotten rid of before we left. As I stood in the milk aisle, I instantly began the "half gallon v. whole gallon" debate in my head, trying to determine when Zach was leaving and if he'd be back to visit again before the expiration date. Then it hit me: he doesn't have to leave any more! Obviously, I bought an entire gallon ;)

TOSSING out the word "husband" whenever I get the chance. As in, "Siri, call my husband." No worries: we made a solemn vow to one another before we got married that we'd never say "hubby" or "wifey." You're welcome.

UNPACKING gifts and ORGANIZING our apartment. Slowly.

WATCHING multiple episodes of NCIS every night.

WRITING thank you notes until my hand falls off... & FEELING so blessed to be loved by so many :)

ENDING this post with a Friday Phone Dump: a mini-glimpse into Christmas, the wedding, our honeymoon, and our first week in Raleigh together.

Happy weekend, friends :)