She Believed She Could

2012 can be summed up in the following:

And goodness, did I ever! Exactly one year ago, I made an entire sketchbook post of my goals for 2012. [View original post here.] Looking back on it, my favorite two lines from that blog post would have to be:

"I don't think I could be more excited about all the potential 2012 holds. Big year. I mean, BIG year."
 I got that part right... more so than I ever dreamed possible!

"If I ring in the next new year by watching the ball drop on my laptop (because I won't have a television), sitting in a planet chair surrounded by candles in my otherwise unfurnished apartment... I will consider 2012 an epic success."
 Y'all, I rang in the new year on my honeymoon. And I DO have a television in my fully-furnished apartment (grown-up status L-shaped couch, remember?). And I'm pretty sure the dorm room planet chair ended up at Goodwill. How funny is this?

As far as all of those other goals?

1. Senior Capstone Exhibit: check! My final art project for my major was an exhibit that hung for over two weeks in Smith Art Warehouse at Duke University. I loved this project (I wrote more about it here) & it was definitely worth the sleepless nights & countless hours in the studio.

2. Graduate from Duke: check! I actually never wrote about this on my blog due to the fact that getting engaged on my graduation weekend somehow trumped four years of blood, sweat, and tears (and more tears) to earn my degree, but it most certainly happened. I dreamed of graduating from Duke since I was in elementary school (when someone told me it was a difficult university to get into... hello, challenge accepted. Obviously a really solid reason on which to base four years of your life) and now I can say that I did it, which is really all I was going for.

3. Get my own place: check! This was a bigger deal for me simply because I lived in a dorm throughout all of college (I was an RA). After I graduated from college, I stayed with my parents in Winston-Salem for a month and a half until I started my new job, which entailed moving to my own apartment in Raleigh! But wait, it gets better...

Check! My only requirement when apartment hunting.
I have no idea why my water bill isn't $100 a month, because I fill it up to the top every single day.

Check! I light all of them. Every day. Because I can.

4. Get a full-time job: check! I spent the first half of 2012 designing my online portfolio, revamping my resumé, applying to dozens and dozens of job openings, and blogging about the agonizing job search process (here and here). Then, in June, I accepted a job offer... for not only a full-time job, but a full-time job as a graphic designer with a non-profit organization. Oh, hey! I then spent the second half of 2012 designing magazines, ads, banners, posters, t-shirts, brochures, mailers, postcards, etc., and blogging about my awesome job (here and here).

5. Celebrate my golden birthday: check! My favorite twins in the world helped me celebrate well into the wee hours of the night with multiple slices of cheesecake & ice cream topped with M&Ms, ensuring that my "golden birthday" became synonymous with my "sugar coma birthday." Love :)

6. Be in my first short distance relationship: CHECK CHECK CHECK CHECK CHECK! I crossed this one off my 2012 list of goals with 24 hours to spare :) (In case you missed it, I got married!) When I wrote "be in my first short distance relationship" a year ago, I had no idea that four and a half years of long distance would end on my wedding day, or that my wedding day would take place in the upcoming year! Zach had just returned from his deployment to Afghanistan and was going back and forth about his decision to re-enlist in the Marine Corps, and I had no idea where I would be working after graduation. I just crossed my fingers that we'd somehow be living in the same city by the time 2013 rolled around... and what do you know? God. is. SO. insanely. awesome.
I'm excited to share my sketchbook post of goals for 2013 later this week, although I assure you that nothing on my radar is as monumental as an engagement, graduation, new job, new city, new apartment, and a wedding ;)

See ya, 2012!