Currently // February

With only a few hours remaining in February, what better time to throw up a "currently" post? :)

BLOGGING. Oops, false. February has not been a month for blogging. All my current post ideas are huge and time-consuming. Maybe March will bring a little bit of life back into this blog, or maybe I'll keep storing up lengthy posts that never get drafted (like my college graduation from nine months ago, my bad...)

BUYING lots of coral and mint-colored clothes (like this and this and these and these - there was a sale, okay?) in hopes that spring will actually stick around once and for all.

CELEBRATING the fact that Duke beat UNC in our first rivalry game of the season, and CROSSING my fingers for a similar outcome this weekend!

CRAFTING for my baby sister's birthday party. Don't let the whole "baby" thing throw you - she's turning 18 on Sunday. Middle sister and I are making sure the baby's final moments of childhood are nothing short of fabulous :)
DESIGNING like it's my job. Because, you know, it is.
EATING the glorious seasonal delicacy also known as Reese's white peanut butter egg. Bless you, Hershey Company.

ENJOYING the "Creating a Gospel-Centered Marriage" seminars offered by my church. Zach and I attended one in the fall before our wedding, and we attended another one this past weekend :)

KOALAING, because now that Regis is off the air, my new #1 bucket list item is to appear on the Ellen show. (If there was any doubt, I'm an excellent koala-er.) 

LOOKING through wedding photos. Obviously our wedding falls into that huge "lengthy post that just hasn't gotten drafted" category, but in the meantime, wedding photos are available here and here :)

And here's one, just because:

Okay, I lied. Here's more:


MISSING my family - I haven't been home in two months! Fortunately, Zach and I are spending the weekend in the good ol' 336 :)

PATTING myself on the back for finally dragging myself to the Social Security Administration office and legally changing my last name. If there were ever an opportune time to throw in a "ain't nobody got time for that," it would be in reference to anything involving the Social Security Administration office.

WATCHING more episodes of NCIS with Zach, just like we were in last month's update. At least this time we've finally got Duck Dynasty to throw back into the mix! It's back, Jack ;)