Sketchbook: First Month of Marriage

A couple of weeks ago, Zach and I celebrated our one month wedding anniversary. In the spirit of communication and reevaluation and everything else we've been told is vital to a good marriage, I casually asked Zach what he had learned in our first month as husband and wife. He paused to think about it for a bit, and then replied:

"Marriage is fun."

Succinct and to-the-point, as is typically the case with my man of few words :) I agreed - marriage is fun - and I didn't give the subject much further thought as I went off to get ready for bed.

When I got out of the shower, however, I found that Zach had filled an entire sheet of paper with all of the things he has learned in our first month of marriage. I kept his original list, but devoted a page in my sketchbook to some of my favorites:


"I've learned that the recipe for chocolate milk is 3 parts chocolate to 1 part milk."

I mean, obviously. Who didn't already know that? ;)


"I've learned how to sleep with three inches of mattress and an arm on the nightstand."

In my defense, he was totally warned about my active, violent sleeping habits by my sisters and various girl friends who banned me from sleeping in their beds at sleepovers after I gave them bruises in my sleep.


"I've learned how to fold paper cranes. (Well, technically, I learned that two days before the wedding.)"

That's true. He was one of at least ten people who helped out with one of the (countless) DIY wedding projects.


"I've learned that it is possible to burn poptarts."

No comment, except that my little illustration does not accurately portray just how black these poptarts were.


"I've learned how to sprint around the apartment to find a phone or computer charger whenever the battery reaches 1%... because that's the only warning I ever get."

Okay, I am really guilty of being on my phone/laptop while my charger is in another room... and then frantically screaming "ONE PERCENT" when I realize it's about to die and I have a very limited amount of time to find the charger that I should have found at the 20%, 10% and/or 5% warning.


"I've learned that @insta_kitten is the best."

Because spending three minutes a day looking at all of the recent @insta_kitten pictures together is definitely a component to a long and happy marriage.

The rest of the list was equally funny/ridiculous... until I came to the very last one:

Be still my heart. As far as men of few words go, I sure do have a good one :)